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Malaysia targets mobile phone sex

New technology is proving a challenge for Malaysian censorship The Malaysian government has ordered police to randomly check mobile phones for pornographic images. The move follows reports by a local newspaper that young people were swapping sex videos and images on their mobile phones. Deputy Interior Minister, Noh Omar, said he worried the practice was becoming increasingly common. Officers have been ordered to immediately delete any explicit images they find stored in the phones. The owners of internet cafes are also being targeted and will face prosecution if they allow customers to download pornographic material. Phone shop operators who provide download services for sex images could also be charged for its possession, according to the New Straits Times newspaper. Possessing pornography in Malaysia carries a maximum punishment of five years in prison and 50,000 ringgit (US$13,292 or £7,374) in fines. According to the Malay language newspaper, Harian Metro, teenagers are using their mobile phones to video mass sex parties and then send the pictures to each other. The BBC's Jonathan Kent in Kuala Lumpur says new technology is challenging the government's strict censorship laws, among the most rigid in Asia. Pornography is illegal in Malaysia, a country whose population is mainly Muslim and where state television censors images of people kissing. But the popularity of the internet means the government has to balance its commitment not to censor the net with attempts to stem the spread of pornographic material.

DVLA's 'phone sex video' inquiry

The clips were said to have been downloaded to a mobile A woman has been suspended over claims that mobile phone clips of her having sex were seen by hundreds of colleagues. The Swansea-based Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) worker was said to have downloaded clips to her mobile phone and sent the footage to friends. Within hours, the clips were said to have been sent to 300 fellow workers. The DVLA said a "junior employee" was suspended amid an inquiry into "alleged circulation of unacceptable material." Nobody could quite believe what they were seeing DVLA worker, quoted anonymously The woman, reported to be in her twenties, has been told to stay at home until the investigation is completed. More than 6,000 people work for the DVLA, most of them based in a 20-storey building in the Morriston area of Swansea. Many are said to have viewed the clips by the time managers stepped in. "Nobody could quite believe what they were seeing," the South Wales Evening Post quoted one worker. "The pictures appeared to show her and her partner making love," the anonymous worker told the newspaper. "They went from one camera phone to the next. I think at least 300 or so people had it on their mobile phones by the time it was stopped. "Everyone was passing on the pictures." A DVLA spokeswoman said: "A junior DVLA employee is currently under suspension pending the outcome of an internal investigation into the alleged circulation of unacceptable material." The centre processes driving licences for the UK and is one of the biggest employers in the region.

Man admits to phone sex with girl

A scoutmaster admitted having cyber sex with a 14-year-old girl but denied any physical relationship with her. A jury at Nottingham Crown Court heard James Axe, 30, say he was waiting until her 16th birthday. The jury heard Mr Axe, from Nottingham, lured the girl into a tent on a scout camp after months of text messages, letters and emails between them. He said the temptation to engage in anything other than phone and cyber sex would have been "wrong". Mr Axe, of Bispham Drive, Toton, told the jury how the pair went into explicit detail about various sexual acts in phone conversations and over the internet. He said she wanted to have sexual intercourse with him, but he refused, saying they would have to wait until she was 16. 'Telephone sex' Tim Palmer, prosecuting, said: "You were a scoutmaster and she was a 14-year-old girl. You had for some time been engaged in an illicit relationship with her. "Even on your own admission you had been having telephone sex with her." Mr Axe said "(The girl) kept on contacting me and kept on contacting me and kept on contacting me and I gave in to her contacting me. He admitted: "I should have known better than to behave the way I did but I believe she also knew that relationship was not a healthy one." Mr Axe, who was a 25-year-old assistant scout leader when the relationship started in May 2000, denies two counts of indecency with a child. and 11 of indecent assault. The jury has heard how the girl listed each of their sexual encounters, including intercourse in his car, in his scout hut and at his girlfriend's house, at the back of her diary. The trial continues.

Phone sex clampdown in India

The main supplier of domestic telephone services in India, MTNL, has announced it has closed down a number of telephone sex chatlines, after getting what it said were hundreds of complaints. A spokesman said access to the lines of 21 Indian companies, many based around Bombay, had been withdrawn because they were brazenly offering sex talk, while masquerading as dial-a-friend chatlines. Customers pay a premium rate for chatline services which, in India, range from astrology to legal and medical advice. MTNL, which is state-controlled, says many of the complaints came from activists who support the governing Hindu nationalist party in India, the BJP.

Common fears

Some people are reluctant to try oral sex, or even to suggest it, because they fear rejection. Disgust also plays a part, as lots of men and women are brought up to consider their genitals to be unsavoury. Women might be convinced their partners will find their labia too big, too wrinkled or too hairy; men, that they'll be laughed at for not being sufficiently big, upright or straight. Both may be scared the other will object to the smell or the taste, and that they'll feel vulnerable if they surrender themselves to being given pleasure by their partner. But the truth is that many people would really like to offer to perform oral sex for their partner. (If you find it hard to raise the subject, try the exercises on, 'I'd like you to...') What makes oral sex so appealing? The fact that this form of pleasure is still seen by some as forbidden, and even a bit dirty, adds excitement. When your partner chooses to be in such intimate contact, it's like being told that, far from being unattractive, you're good enough and special enough to eat. It can feel like the ultimate expression of acceptance. There's something irresistible about being treated in this way. Even though you can do it to each other at the same time, it's usually a case of one person lying back and having all their desires and needs attended to. The mouth, lips and tongue have a dynamite combination of flexibility and softness that can't help but please. You can kiss, lick, suck or nibble. Some people prefer gentle movements; others prefer firmer attention. It's up to you to discover your particular preferences together. Talk about it Discussing your concerns with your partner can really help. For example, if one person is happy to perform oral sex but refuses to receive it, the other might end up feeling guilty, because he's unable to return the pleasure he experiences to his partner, as well as rejected and untrusted. Of course, it could be that the first partner is afraid to let him see, taste, smell and touch her, and perhaps simply needs to hear in no uncertain terms, "I love your body. I'd give anything to taste you." Don't cover up If you'd like to try oral sex with your partner, it's only courteous to make sure you're clean first. But don't forget that the natural taste and smell of your body may well be what attracts them the most, so don't cover up with perfumes or deodorant. Many people are turned on by the sight, taste and smell of their partner's most intimate parts. If it's a new partner, it's advisable to use a condom or dental dam (thin latex that lines the mouth) to screen secretions and prevent infection. If you feel embarrassed Try it after a bath or shower. When you're clean and fresh, you'll feel more comfortable. Worried about the way you look? Dimming the lights and lighting candles can boost your confidence. Names for oral sex Oral sex is often known as a soixante neuf or sixty-nine, because of the shape two bodies make when lying mouth-to-genitals. When one person performs oral sex on another, this is sometimes called a 'sixty-eight' ("You do me and I'll owe you one"). Stimulation of the vagina with the mouth is called cunnilingus; stimulation of the penis with the mouth is called fellatio. What not to do Although oral sex is known as a 'blow job', the one thing you should never do is blow into your partner's body. You could cause an embolism (obstruction of an artery by an air bubble) or infection. But many people like their partner to blow gently on skin made damp by licking.

County is 'dogging' hotspot claim

If you go down to the woods after dark, you might be in for a big surprise... Northants is gaining a reputation for the adult activity 'dogging'! AUDIO & VIDEO Feature about dogging presented by Annabel Amos (Real 56k, 3'22") Use the BBC Webwise guide to downloading realplayer ALSO SEE More features HAVE YOUR SAY Send us your comments on dogging using the form below. PRINT THIS PAGE View print friendly version of this page Forget the surge in people playing rugby after last year's World Cup, it appears the UK's fastest growing leisure activity, in both a participatory and spectator sense, is dogging! According to a website that we should perhaps not name, dogging is a "predominantly British activity that involves outdoor exhibitionism in car parks, laybys and wooded areas." More explicitly, dogging is the term used to describe people who either have sex in a car whilst being watched by others, or those who enjoy watching it. The pastime hasn't escaped the pure and clean countryside of Northamptonshire - in fact it seems it's rife in the rose of the shires! And one of the places that's earned the unenviable reputation of being a hotspot for doggers is Irchester Country Park. After dark Popular: wooded areas Mike Anderson is a countryside manager based at the park. He says: "there have been national surveys in countryside sites and I believe the statistics are that there's been a 60 per cent increase in dogging type activities over the past 12 months. From that survey I know we are on one of the websites." But Mike says while it does happen, it's not actually causing any major problems: "They don't leave a mess, they do it after dark, and families heading to the park for a day out never come across the salubrious activities." Steamy windows "It's confined to the car parks, it's confined to the cars, there are two car parks here that are open 24 hours, we do have cameras on them to deter other anti-social behaviour but it doesn't appear to put off this group of people - either they don't see them or it adds to the thrill of it." The un-named website also says that the pastime is predominantly for people between 30 and 50 - and also for the middle class. Where the research has come from we're really not sure we want to know! Laybys not immune And it's not just country parks that are getting all the action, so to speak. Laybys are apparently all the rage too. Richard Reed works for the county council's Highways Department: After dark - dogging goes on "There are two sorts of laybys. The one which is left from road improvements and then there are the ones that are immediately alongside the road. The latter ones aren't a problem as you can see what's going on in them but the ones where its a redundant bit of road, and you've probably got hedges and plantations between it and the main road, then yes that' s a bit more of an attraction as it's out of sight." So just remember if your dog's begging you to take it out for a walk, it's probably best to avoid laybys and country parks after dark - unless you and Rover are prepared for a big surprise! Have your say What do you think about dogging? Let us know! Please use the form below to send us your comments. anony mouse I think its a great way of keping a relationship healthy and exciting.. ollie hulahan i love dogging its a good chance for poeple to meet and have good clean adult fun topheavy WOW its brilliant, no harm is caused to anybody, Dont knock it until you've tried it. Rose I think it is great. Too bad we don't have anything like this in Canada. As long as they are away from other people who frown on it and aren't trying to force it on anyone what's the harm. Billie It only harms them that want to be harmed. I'm a gay and me and my partners go dogging and get a good audience and frequently spectators wanting to join us. Tony I think its really a very healthy activity! My wife was more agreeable at forst, but now seems a wee shy... Nipple It is my favourite passtime. I just love to join in and don't mind if people watch me in action. bradley i love it i can't get enough of it. nick i would like to know where zoe and becky do it Randy from Anaheim CA I sure hope i can start your trend over here in California. You Brits STILL have good ideas. Steve Very pleased to see the BBC posting this article. It's nice to see people feeling the freedom to losen up and enjoy themselves after a couple of hundred years of Victorian values. I'll think I'll give it a try. MIKE ME AND MY FRIENDS DO IT EVERY WEEKEND IN AND AROUND LEEDS. Zoe and Becky We do it all the time and find it exilerating. We think that more people should try it. It doesn't do anyone any harm and is a leisure activity. Dan I think it could be great fun. Richard Don't want to join in, but as long as it doesn't intrude on other peoples lives everyone to their own.

Dogs of Darkness

Investigator Richard Holland submitted stories about incidents involving so-called Dogs of Darkness in NE Wales - and now your stories are coming in from around the world.... Werewolf Like one that on a lonesome road doth walk in fear and dread... because he knows a frightful fiend doth close behind him tread - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner The fiend Coleridge had in mind was almost certainly one which frequently crops up in Welsh folklore - the Gwyllgi, or Dog of Darkness. These terrifying apparitions took the form of a huge hound with a shaggy pelt and great glowing eyes. The favourite haunt of Gwyllgi were lonely roads at night. A lane in the parish of Marchwiel south of Wrexham, NE Wales, called Lon Bwbach Ddu (Lane of the Black Spectre) probably recalls such a haunting. An encounter near Ruthin with one of these hell hounds was recorded by T Gwynn Jones in his 'Welsh Folklore and Folk Custom' (1930). He says: "My grandmother declared that as she and my grandfather were riding on horseback from Ruthin one evening, in passing a roadside house, the nag suddenly shied and pressed to the hedge. At the moment a very tall mastiff was passing on the other side. My grandfather who rode behind saw nothing and his horse had not been startled. They had just come to live in the district and only got to know afterwards that the house had the reputation of being haunted." A more alarming adventure was had by a Mr Edward Jones when he was returning home late one night from a fair at Cynwyd, near Corwen. "The Black hound of destiny", as he called it, chased him across the moor, literally dogging his footsteps, keeping just behind as he hurried along. He said it was "a beast of fearsome visage and blood-shot eye". At any moment he expected to feel its jaws clamp upon him and he suffered terrible anxiety "as in the horrible, cold sweat of a nightmare". The dreaded climax never came, however, and when, nervous and exhausted, he eventually reached his farm gate, he found the beast had vanished.

Blogging v dogging

Hi-tech obsessions of a few? More people know what dogging is than blogging, according to a survey which suggests that Brits are not as tech-savvy as might be expected. Most metrosexuals will know that blogging about their podcasting is perhaps a bit passé, while flashmobbing is decidedly retro. Happy slapping a chav who is indulging in a bit of dogging, however, might be the way to go. Whatever advertisers, journalists and residents of the internet community might like to think, much of the country finds hi-tech antics mystifying. Research conducted among taxi drivers, hairdressers and pub landlords - backed up by conventional market research of more than 1,000 adults in the UK - has found that seven out of 10 people don't know what a blog is. Nine out of 10 don't know what podcasting or flashmobbing are. (See below for definitions.) WEBLOG WATCH For an introduction to blogging, the Magazine's Weblog Watch is a weekly review of what blogs are saying Weblog Watch: So what's the point of blogging Four out of 10 know what dogging is, perhaps due to the activities of certain celebrities. Only 49% of people know what a chav is, despite the widespread coverage they have received in both tabloid and broadsheet papers. Nearly nine out of 10 people now know what broadband is, however. For the advertising firm which did the research, DDB, the results came as a bit of a shock, and indicate that marketers are assuming that their target audiences are more interested in technology than they actually are. Even among parts of the population classified as "early adopters", knowledge of blogs was scarce. Two out of three men, two out of three 16-24 year-olds, and two out of three single people hadn't heard of them. Having internet access also appeared to make little difference: two out of three people with internet access didn't know what they were. No buzz Sarah Carter, planning director at DDB London, says their panel of cabbies, beauticians and landlords gives a good indication of what people are actually talking about. "When I asked the panel whether people were talking about blogging, they thought I meant dogging. "Our research not only shows that there is no buzz about blogging and podcasting outside of our media industry bubble, but also that people have no understanding of what the words mean. It's a real wake-up call." The research comes a week after a separate study said workers had as much trouble deciphering computer jargon as they did a foreign language.

'Dogging' craze sex disease risk

Al fresco sex is increasing, say experts The internet and text messaging are fuelling a practice which involves unprotected sex with strangers in public parks. Health chiefs in Kent have taken to posting messages on sites promoting "dogging" - warning of a rise in sexually-transmitted diseases. They say the craze may be partially responsible for rises in chlamydia, HIV, syphilis and hepatitis. More than 20,000 people are registered with one UK "dogging" newsgroup. Dogging is an extension of "swinging" parties - and involves exhibitionist sex in semi-secluded locations such as car parks or country parks. The location of dogging "events" is now frequently advertised on websites or communicated via mobile phone text message. Those attracted by these messages may simply act as voyeurs - or be invited to participate. Disease rise The NHS Health Promotion team covering the Medway area in Kent noticed that the number of cases of hepatitis rose towards the end of 2002, and some patients said they had probably contracted the illness as a result of dogging. They decided to post messages on the dogging sites warning of the risks of unprotected sex. We've talked to people who do this - they are having unprotected sex with nine or more people in a week Dr Richard Byrne, Harper Adams University College One reads: "Avoid the sex lottery for yourselves and your associates." It recommends NHS-sponsored safe sex websites. One academic who has carried out a study into dogging suggests that modern technology is leading to a swift rise in the numbers taking part. Dr Richard Byrne, from the Rural Affairs and Environment Group at Harper Adams University College in Newport, carried out a survey of country park rangers asking them about "anti-social behaviour" in their parks. He expected their prime concern to be vandalism and fly-tipping, but found that many complained about the rise in the use of their park as a venue for sex. He said: "One newsgroup about dogging has more than 22,000 registered users - and one we saw which set itself up only a few weeks ago already has almost 700. "It's a nationwide activity and in the last four or five years it really has grown." Many partners He said that the health threat should not be underestimated: "We've talked to people who do this - they are having unprotected sex with nine or more people in a week. "The issue of sexual health is a big one." Legally, the issue of dogging is a grey area - "doggers" are committing no offence unless they are witnessed by a member of the public who can be defined as "outraged" in the eyes of the law. A new sexual offences Bill currently moving through Parliament may give the police more options to tackle the issue, particularly if it takes place in a location where it is likely that an unwitting member of the public is likely to witness it. However, ministers say it is not their intention to criminalise outdoor sex in a public place that is sufficiently isolated as to make witnessing unlikely. And while voyeurism on unknowing subjects is likely to become an offence, if there is consent, there is no offence committed. Other dangers Dr Byrne said that because dogging operated at the "fringes of legality and social acceptability", those taking part were at risk. He said: "There is the potential for younger and more vulnerable people to be drawn in - certainly there is heavy use of alcohol associated with these events, and there is anecdotal evidence of rohypnol (a "date-rape" drug). "There are concerns that prostitutes will be drawn to areas where dogging is common, and that other types of crime will increase." He said that, in country parks at least, changes to the design of car parks might help curb their use as venues. However, he added: "You can't simply increase the amount of lighting - that just makes it easier to make videos or take pictures."

Porn e-mail DVLA workers sacked

The DVLA said pornography was downloaded from the internet Fourteen staff are to be sacked from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in Swansea over pornographic e-mails. The action comes after a three-month inquiry by the centre, which handles the UK's driver and vehicle records. The 14 sacked sent pornography outside the DVLA. Another 101 were disciplined for sending "inappropriate material." A spokesperson said: "DVLA has started dismissal proceedings against 14 members of staff for gross misconduct." According to the DVLA, pornography was downloaded from the internet by staff before the images were attached to e-mails sent around the building, in Morriston, Swansea. The staff concerned were found to have used the agency's electronic systems to send pornographic e-mail attachments out of the agency DVLA spokesperson Managers began an investigation and IT experts pinpointed which of the DVLA's 6,000 staff were using the machines involved at the time. The DVLA said 14 staff will be dismissed. The others were disciplined for sending "inappropriate material" but not pornography and received various degrees of reprimand, including final warnings. The spokesperson added: "The staff concerned were found to have used the agency's electronic systems to send pornographic e-mail attachments out of the agency, in direct contravention of DVLA's code of conduct." In a separate incident last year, a woman working at the DVLA was suspended over claims that mobile phone clips of her having sex were seen by hundreds of colleagues. One of south Wales' biggest employers, the DVLA processes driving licences for the UK.

Web chat line child abuser jailed

Gibson targeted the girl on a chat line A 44-year-old man who had unlawful sex with a 13-year-old schoolgirl he groomed over the internet has been jailed for four years. The girl, from Shropshire, was trapped by John Gibson after logging onto a flirt chat line via her mobile phone. Gibson admitted having unlawful sex with the teenager at a property in Mansfield Avenue, Sauchie, Alloa. At the High Court in Glasgow, Gibson - from Kirkcaldy in Fife - was also placed on the sex offenders' register. In jailing him, temporary Judge Sir Gerald Gordon QC, told Gibson there was a "considerable age difference" between him and the girl. The girl said she was 17 and the accused said he was 22. Later he told her he was 44 Stephen Woolman QC The court was told previously that the girl travelled by train to Scotland from her home in England to meet Gibson at Stirling rail station. The father of three, who is separated from his wife, took her to his then home in Sauchie where they kissed and cuddled and had intercourse. Gibson, now of Dunniker Road, Kirkcaldy, admitted having unlawful sexual intercourse with the teenager between 3 May and 5 May 2003. He also admitted a previous conviction for a sex offence in 1985 at Alloa. Internet chat site The court heard how the girl, from Ludlow, Shropshire, logged onto the internet chat line from her mobile phone after seeing an advert for it. She sent messages to a "text flirt chat room" and received several replies, including one from Gibson. Advocate depute Stephen Woolman QC, prosecuting, said that the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, began sending texts and writing letters to Gibson. He said: "The girl said she was 17 and the accused said he was 22. Later he told her he was 44." The schoolgirl, who had other problems in her life, left home and went to live with her grandmother. I know it was a stupid thing to do, but its done. I've got to pay the consequence John Gibson She told Gibson she wanted to meet him and he sent her two photographs of himself so she could recognise him when she got off the train. "Gibson took her from the station to his home. He took her into a bedroom and she told him about her problems. They kissed and cuddled and sexual intercourse took place," said Mr Woolman. Meanwhile her anxious family reported her missing and a massive hunt for her was launched by West Mercia Police. Three police officers went to Gibson's home and he led them to the girl. Gibson later told police: "I know it was a stupid thing to do, but its done. I've got to pay the consequences."

Man's 32,000 sex mobile messages

Royce Roberts will be sentenced at Caernarfon on Tuesday A man randomly sent around 32,000 sexually explicit mobile phone messages - many to children, Caernarfon Crown court has heard. Royce Roberts, 42,from Caernarfon, made the calls sending pornographic images at a cost to him of £25,000. The offences began after Roberts looked at chatrooms following the breakdown of a relationship, the court heard. He admitted 15 offences of causing children to watch an indecent image. He will be sentenced on 26 June. Roberts, a painter and decorator, also admitted four offences of possessing indecent images of a child and another charge of causing a public nuisance by making unsolicited, voice text and video calls. One child victim said she thought the images were disgusting and dirty Simon Medland, prosecuting Prosecuting Simon Medland said Roberts sent the pornographic images to randomly selected numbers using the latest generation of mobile phones. "The defendant would make random calls, and when they were answered, he'd show explicit images and send explicit texts." "He would bribe his child victims, saying he would buy top-ups for their mobiles if they showed him their private parts and took a look at his. "With one 14-year-old girl he indulged in an extensive course of calls, passing himself off as a 17-year-old boy called Kevin. He received explicit images of her and sent explicit images of himself to her." Mr Medland added: "One child victim said she thought the images were disgusting and dirty, and she didn't think they should be allowed to be sent. 'Deeply regrets' "Another nine-year-old boy received obscene pictures and said the whole thing made him feel sick." In all 1,500 messages were sent to children. The calls or attempted calls were made over an eight-month period last year at the rate of about 1,000 a week. Roberts used seven phones to make the calls. The court was told that the case arose after complaints were made to police in Strathclyde. There were also a spate of calls in Essex, as well as in Chester, Shrewsbury and Birmingham. Defending, Daniel Travers, said Roberts "deeply regrets his actions", on which he had spent about £25,000. The offences started after Roberts begain looking at internet chatrooms after the breakdown of a relationship, said Mr Travers. "He accepts what he was doing was wrong, and having made contact with children he regrets not breaking it off." "He accepts he caused a risk to children, and that this behaviour cannot be tolerated."

Will porn kick-start the video phone revolution?

By Mark Ward BBC News Online technology correspondent Appearing soon on a phone near you? Pornography is the handmaiden of new technology, it's often claimed. So, will video phone sales be driven by the lust for bare flesh? The first use that novel technologies are put to, so the argument goes, is to let people look at, read or talk about rude things. Sex, it seems, is synonymous with new gadgets. As video phones - known as third-generation or 3G phones - make their appearance, it is no surprise to hear many people say porn will drive its early adoption. The talk of porn and technology has got more feverish with 3G because, some speculate, operators will beat their customers in turning to erotica. Mucky mobiles Some big-name companies might offer porn services to encourage take-up of the new phones, and help pay the huge debts they incurred when buying a licence to run 3G services. Operators want to do porn but do not want to be associated with it - they want the cash and the moral high ground David Jarvis "Erotica lowers your risk because you know it is going to sell," says David Jarvis, wireless manager at the Barcelona-based Private Media Group. Mr Jarvis is in no doubt that porn and 3G phones will go hand in hand because phones have become such personal devices. "Receiving a text message from someone you fancy is more of a turn on than getting an e-mail," he says. Like other media companies, many pornographers have a recognisable brand and well-known stars, says Mr Jarvis. A new experience The Private Media Group is keen to exploit phone technology to let people get more acquainted with porn stars such as Silvia Saint, Jodie Moore and Nikki Blonde. Sex to sell mobile services... perish the thought? "It will be a totally different experience to what you see on TV or in movies," says Mr Jarvis. "We have short clips where you direct the outcome; where the girl is looking at you and talking to you," he says, "and that is something that TV and print cannot achieve." Mr Jarvis says Private Media has had talks with several mobile phone operators. But so far he has few deals to show for the work. Operators recognise that porn can familiarise people with new services, says Mr Jarvis, but they are reluctant to sign up. "They want to do porn but do not want to be associated with it. They want the cash and the moral high ground." Hard choice Despite Mr Jarvis' certainty, there are others who think porn and 3G will make unhappy bedfellows. "Given the huge amount of free porn on the internet, I don't believe that wireless porn will prove that compelling," says Philip Taylor, senior analyst at Strategy Analytics, who has studied the economics of the adult industry. Mobile services have come a long way since the early days He says established pornographic brands such as Penthouse and Playboy have not signed anything more than basic licensing deals for images with mobile phone firms. Many are likely to use mobile phones and 3G as a marketing channel to drive consumers to magazines, videos and the net but not one, so far, is going further than that. Mr Taylor says there is little evidence that the success of 3G will ride in on the back of a wave of erotica, if for no other reason than mobile firms currently make more money from selling ringtones than the entire net porn industry. Operators will perhaps be happy to take the cash from letting users share their own smutty material, without getting involved in the supply of it. Some new companies have emerged that specialise in wireless porn, such as PocketJoy, Porn Bible, Wap Sex and Erotigo. But they may struggle because operators ring fence access to the net from phones and will be uncomfortable about dirtying their hands with supplying porn. Not porn, but 3's advert raises the prospect of receiving saucy material The link between porn and new technologies breaks down because 3G phones are not as novel as they once were. One of the problems dogging their take-up is the fact that phones are now hugely familiar and 3G has little to set it apart from existing 2.5G handsets, which can reproduce colour pictures and show video. Not surprisingly, the operators are vocal in their scepticism about the value that porn brings to their brand. A spokesman for Three - the first 3G operator to launch in the UK - says there are far more compelling reasons for buying one of its handsets than the chance to look at adult services. "First and foremost this is a telephone," he said, "the video calling element is unique and is driving interest and customers love it." When it comes to content, Three believes football clips, video news bulletins and comedy shorts will be far more compelling than saucy video clips.

Cabbie jailed for running brothel

Five men were seen going into the brothel A taxi driver has been jailed for three months for running a brothel in the west end of Glasgow. Desmond O'Hara, 35, answered an advert placed on the internet by a woman seeking to sub-let her property in Fergus Drive, Kelvinside, last October. A week after the lease began, she rang to check how he was settling in and instead of O'Hara answering, she was told about "today's girl" and prices for her "services". The owner called the police who set up a surveillance operation and saw five men visiting. I have given great consideration to what I have heard and this type of behaviour has left me with no other option Sheriff Brian Lockhart They raided the property and were met by two girls working there and a man they had seen entering. The women were questioned and they admitted they had been "hired" by O'Hara to work as prostitutes at the flat. One told police that O'Hara "treated them really well" and "like a true gentleman". 'Regular cut' She added that he was not at the flat full-time, but would come for his "regular cut". Police also seized bundles of pornography, sex toys, whips, condoms and outfits from the home. Prosecuting at Glasgow Sheriff Court, Andrew Haughney said it became clear the flat was now "a home of sexual entertainment". The court heard it was a home of "sexual entertainment" He added: "From that first phone call, it appeared sex was being offered at a price with a girl of the caller's choice." O'Hara, a married man with two children, was interviewed at his home in Priorwood Gate, Newton Mearns, but made no comment. But in court, he pleaded guilty to running the brothel although he claimed to have made little from the venture. He told police that he had got involved after discussing with "other men" how he could boost his £150-a-week wages. Sentencing, Sheriff Brian Lockhart said custody was the "only sentence he felt fit for such an offence". He added: "I have given great consideration to what I have heard and this type of behaviour has left me with no other option."

Entertainment Pregnant All Saint plans to quit music

All Saints: Melanie Blatt (second from left) is dreaming of motherhood Pregnant All Saints singer Melanie Blatt wants to quit the music industry - as soon as she's got enough money to bring up her baby. Ms Blatt, who is expecting a child with Jamiroquai's Stuart Zender, revealed in an interview with the New Musical Express that she is only staying in the chart-topping group to secure the future of their child. She said: "You work and get a substantial amount of money - that's the plan. To stop and not have anything to do, just look after my baby and be a mum and wife." Never Ever tone down lyrics Meanwhile, songwriter Shaznay Lewis also told how she is determined not to tone down her saucy lyrics - even though the group's fans include young children. The group's next single Booty Call is about a late-night phone request for casual sex - and Ms Lewis thinks it is "hilarious" when critics complain the group's songwords are too racy for children. Ms Lewis added there was no subject she wouldn't discuss in the groups' lyrics. She explained:"I'll talk about anything. We're all big women, aged 22, 24. It's hilarious when people go, 'There's saucy lyrics in that song and there's little kids listening.' "I'm going to write for my age group. I'm not going to go out of my way to write nice pretty little songs."

Police win paedophile internet ban

Gary Thomas is banned from using the internet and mobile phones A Welsh police force has won what is thought to be a ground-breaking ruling which bans a paedophile from using the internet and mobile phones. Gary Geoffrey Thomas, 37, lured a 14-year-old mid Wales girl into having sex with him after grooming her via an internet chatroom. He was also sentenced to 18 months in jail after the jury at Mold Crown Court heard how he had sex with the youngster, one of 15 underage girls he had met in internet chatrooms. Detectives asked the court for the order after they discovered Thomas - described as "predatory" - had made more than 1,000 calls on his mobile phone to schoolgirls. It emerged in court that Thomas, a railway guard from Swadlincote, Derbyshire, visited the girl at her home when her mother was working and they had sex in her bedroom. It is part of our assessment on how someone commits an offence as to how we monitor them - we go to people's homes, we monitor their activities and who they are with Detetective Sergeant Diane Davies He also took the underage teenager to a bed-and-breakfast hotel, where he posed as her father. The girl's mother called the police when she found an intimate text message from Thomas to her daughter. In addition to the 18 months' custody, Judge Huw Daniel also banned Thomas, who admitted three counts of unlawful sex, from subscribing or using the internet or mobile phones of any description for the next five years. The order has been welcomed by Dyfed-Powys Police Detetective Sergeant Diane Davies, who asked for the ruling. She said: "It is part of our assessment on how someone commits an offence as to how we monitor them. We go to people's homes, we monitor their activities and who they are with. "In this case, we felt that the offending was of such a serious nature and it was so extensive, we wanted to use all the legislation available to us safeguard the wellbeing of the public and to make sure that we used every opportunity for punishment for him. The ban is thought to be one of the first of its kind "We are satisfied that we can monitor this restriction, otherwise there would have been no point in us applying for it in the first place." However, John Carr, an internet consultant for the children's charity NCH, said he understood what the police were trying to do but doubted they would be able to police the order. He told BBC Radio Wales: "The simple truth is there are thousands of internet cafes on the high streets and back streets of every urban area in Britain. "You can walk into one of them, give someone a quid in cash and set yourself up an internet account in less than three seconds. "It requires absolutely no proof of you name, address, telephone number or anything, and the same applies with mobile phones - you just pay cash in a shop and walk out with one." Thomas had denied two further charges of having unlawful sex with the girl and abducting her, which were left on the file when the prosecution offered no evidence against him.

Heritage experts oppose sex shop

Heritage experts are opposing moves to open an adult sex toy and magazine shop in a historic building in the centre of Gloucester. Bookends Bookshop in Westgate has been given permission to turn the top floor of its 16th century premises into an adults-only section. But the move has been criticised by Gloucester Civic Trust. The shop building is regarded as one of the finest examples of a timber-framed building in the country. News of the internal changes could put a stop to the Trust's guided heritage tour of the building planned for 11 September. 'Quite shocked' Philip Moss from the Trust said: "I was walking around the shop in preparation for the tour. "I was quite shocked as I didn't know they were converting the building. There's not going to be flashing lights and naked women - we are a bookshop at the end of the day Brian Thompson, Bookends manager "They were setting up display cases with certain items in them. "The items in the shop were surprising for such a historic building." Bookends manager Brian Thompson said: "We will be setting up an adult department in our bookshop. "We'll be selling adult themed magazines, adult toys and 18 certificate videos. "But we are being very, very respectful of the building. Permission granted "There's not going to be flashing lights and naked women - we are a bookshop at the end of the day. "We've got permission to open to convert the shop. We aren't a licensed sex shop so we can't sell R-rated films." A spokeswoman for English Heritage said the building is "an exceptionally fine merchant's house, notable for the quality of its surviving detail which includes original surviving patterned leaded glass". The house was used as judges' lodgings in the 19th century and was home to a former mayor of Gloucester. The adults-only section will open in the next fortnight.

Therapy 'no cure for sex abusers'

Under 10% of sex offenders re-offend Psychological therapy for sex offenders can reduce re-offending rates, but does not provide a cure, a study says. Researchers from the Universities of London and Leicester reviewed nine studies involving 567 offenders in the US, UK, Canada and Europe. Some treatment programmes have cut re-offending by up to 40%. But experts said the British Medical Journal report was wrong to talk about curing as it was not a medical problem and could not be solved as such. Most sex offenders in the UK receive some form of psychological treatment, mostly from the NHS and prison and probation services. I think it is wrong to believe you can cure a sex offender Donald Findlater, of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation It tends to take the form of talking therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy. Under 10% of sex offenders end up re-offending. Report author Belinda Brooks-Green: "Offenders who successfully complete a treatment programme re-offend less often and less seriously than those who do not show that they have understood and worked through the relevant psychological issues." But she warned sex offending cannot always be successfully treated. "Better understanding of the outcomes of treatments - either controlling and moderating or harming and worsening behaviour - could at least focus on the most beneficial and cost-effective interventions." Review The review covered people convicted of paedophilia, exhibitionism or sexual assault. But Zoe Hilton, policy adviser at the children's charity NSPCC, said she would like to see more research on the issue, particularly on the differences in re-offending between paedophiles and adult sex offenders. She added: "In many ways it is not surprising, we know with good support and the will of the offender, we can reduce re-offending. "But it does depend on the individual." And Donald Findlater, deputy director of child protection charity, the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, and who used to run a treatment service for sex offenders, said: "I think it is wrong to believe you can cure a sex offender. You can't. You can manage the problem and psychological treatment has been shown to do that. "But you can't say someone is free of the problem and not a risk at all of re-offending."

Sex and snogging a young person may lack the confidence to interrupt and ask for a condom

Whether they're just thinking about it or doing it, sex takes up a lot of a teenager's time. This new, unknown territory is a cause for concern, excitement and exploration. For both boys and girls, the key to sexual drive is the sex hormone 'testosterone'. When testosterone levels reach a certain threshold, teenagers start thinking about sex. But this does not mean they start having sex. Girls are only likely to get involved in sex if their social environment encourages it - if their friends are already involved, or if their parents are permissive, for example. But in boys, high levels of testosterone seem to lead to sexual activity regardless of their social surroundings. This may be because boys grow up in an environment in which sexual behaviour is tolerated, even encouraged, so it only takes the biological trigger to start their sexual activity. Changing role models Attitudes towards sex in the adult world have a huge influence on teenagers. Many of the taboos about sex that operated thirty years ago have almost completely disappeared. Teenagers know that adults have sex outside marriage and they understand the sexual references being made in much of the advertising that surrounds them. Often these are connected with lust rather than the traditional values of love. So it's no surprise that they themselves are following the trend and becoming much more open about sex. As well as taking part in sex earlier, teenagers are experimenting more and are often participating in oral sex. Carrying condoms Protection and sex Since the campaign to prevent the spread of AIDS, teenagers have become more aware of safe sex issues, but this does not mean they are responding to the messages. Most teenagers know they should use a condom, yet they still find it excruciatingly embarrassing to buy them. There is a reluctance to carry condoms because of the implication that they are expecting to have sex. Plus, in the heat of the moment, a young person may well lack the confidence to interrupt proceedings and ask for a condom to be used. The difficulty parents and children feel when discussing sex is part of the problem. Studies have shown that teenagers get the vast majority of their information about sex from their friends. This is likely to be less accurate than information from their mum and dad. Boys produce up to 120 million sperm a day. Find out more about erections.

Airline sued over sex toy in suitcase

Delta Airlines says it has a duty to search bags By Steve Kingstone BBC correspondent in Washington A woman passenger in the United States is suing Delta Airlines for sexual discrimination after being publicly forced to remove a sex toy from her luggage. Thirty-six year old Renee Koutsouradis had just taken her seat on the plane at Dallas airport when her name was called out over the tannoy. She was ordered off the plane and told to open her suitcase, which had been removed from the hold when something inside started vibrating. Mrs Koutsouradis explained that the source of the vibrations was an adult sex toy which she and her husband had bought in Las Vegas. 'Humiliated' Her lawsuit alleges that in full view of the other passengers she was made to hold up the device, while airline staff allegedly laughed hysterically and made comments of a sexual nature. Mrs Koutsouradis was eventually allowed to repack and return to her seat. A spokeswoman for Delta Airlines insisted the company had a duty to investigate anything questionable in its passengers' luggage.

UK One in 60 men 'sex criminals' 1.8% of men under 40 has committed a sex offence

One in 60 men has a conviction for a sexual offence before he is 40 years old, according to a new report. The figure includes convictions for offences related to prostitution and consensual gay sex as well as rape, indecent assault and exposure or paedophile offences. Researchers of the report, by the National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (Nacro), tracked the life histories of a group of men born in 1953 through to their 40th birthdays. High proportion They discovered that a surprisingly high proportion - 1.8% - had committed a sex crime. The report also found the total number of men in the UK convicted of some kind of sexual offence was currently 260,000. Of these, only 50,000 involved victimless crime such as consenting gay or adult sex. 110,000 men convicted of sex offences against children A total of 110,000 involved crimes against children. In April this year, 4,324 sex offenders were serving jail terms. A further 4,700 were being supervised by the probation service in the community. Paul Cavadino, principal officer of Nacro, said the figures drove home the scale of the problem of sex crimes, illustrating how many people fell victim to such offences. The report was compiled ahead of the introduction of new laws later this month which will allow judges to order sex offenders to serve longer periods of probation service supervision when they are released from jail. Supervision periods are currently fixed by a tariff system. For example, an offender jailed for six years will normally be supervised for six months on release, although this can be extended to a maximum of two years. The laws will allow that period to be extended to up to 10 years and could include requirements to stay in particular places, undergo treatment or stay away from certain places. Increased protection Mr Cavadino said the new laws would go a long way towards protecting the public. He said up to 93% of offenders did not commit further offences while undergoing probation supervision. However, there was still a strong case for the most dangerous sex offenders to be given indeterminate sentences so they could be kept in jail until they were deemed not to pose any risk to the public. "The devastating effects of sexual offences on many victims can justify very substantial restrictions on the liberties of sex offenders, including indeterminate sentences for the most dangerous offenders. "At the same time we owe it to the victims of abuse to deal with offenders, wherever possible in ways which increase the prospects of their successful treatment and rehabilitation, thereby preventing the suffering of future victims."

Sheridan in swingers 'admission'

Tommy Sheridan and wife Gail arrive at court for the case Tommy Sheridan confessed at a Scottish Socialist Party meeting to twice visiting swingers clubs, a jury heard. Allan Green, the SSP's national secretary, told the Court of Session the Glasgow MSP had described his behaviour as "reckless" and apologised. He said Mr Sheridan told the emergency meeting he wanted to deny the story, printed in the News Of The World. The former SSP leader has launched a £200,000 defamation action over claims made about his sex life by a newspaper. The emergency party meeting was held on 9 November, 2004, days after the newspaper published claims about an unnamed Holyrood politician. Mr Green, 48, said: "Tommy referred to the News Of The World newspaper article. For you to turn round and accuse me of monstrous frame-ups it is shameful Tommy, it is shameful Allan Green SSP national secretary "He said that he had visited a swingers club on two occasions, I think, in 1996 and 2002. "He said he accepted his behaviour was reckless and he apologised to the executive committee for it." Michael Jones QC, representing the newspaper, asked what the reaction was to the revelation. Mr Green said: "Everyone was absolutely shocked." The secondary school teacher said problems arose as to how the matter would be handled. He said Mr Sheridan had accepted the claims were true but "he wanted to prove the story was false". 'Course of action' Mr Green said everyone was acutely aware of the damage the story would do to the party, which in the eyes of the media and the public was firmly associated with Mr Sheridan. He added: "Nobody at the meeting favoured Tommy's course of action." Mr Green said Mr Sheridan was a tremendous ambassador and any blow to the leader would be a huge setback to the party. Under cross examination, he accused the Socialist MSP of betraying his party. Mr Green was shown minutes of the executive committee meeting where, he said, the admissions were made. Mr Sheridan said: "I put it to you the so-called minute is as genuine as a 10 bob note, isn't it?" "No Tommy, you know it is true," said Mr Green. The jury heard the SSP tried to keep the minutes confidential but had to surrender them after one of their leaders, Alan McCombes, was jailed for defying a court order to hand over the document. 'A shameful thing' Mr Green said: "For you to turn round and accuse the likes of myself of monstrous frame-ups, for any other socialist, never mind one of your standing, it is an appalling thing to do. "I can hardly believe you are doing this. "You know that like yourself I have spent a lifetime - my entire adult life - to build up the socialist movement. "I always carried out to the best of my ability what the party has asked me to do." He added: "You can lie, accuse me of monstrous frame-ups, none of it the truth. For you to turn round and accuse me of monstrous frame-ups it is shameful Tommy, it is shameful." Mr Sheridan told him the trial was used to histrionics. He said: "It does not cut as much ice as you think." Mr Green claimed that at a meeting of the SSP's national council on 28 May this year - while Mr McCombes was in Edinburgh's Saughton jail - Mr Sheridan urged the handover of the minutes. He said the claim that the minutes were not a true record of what happened on 9 November, 2004 followed. Mr Sheridan asked the witness why he had not taken steps to let him see the minutes, which record his shock admission, as he was not present at the meeting. Mr Green replied: "You had asked me to shred the minutes or keep them confidential." Also appearing on Wednesday was Richie Venton, the SSP's Glasgow regional organiser and national trade union organiser. He said Mr Sheridan told the party executive he would deny the allegations. He added: "It is one thing to lie to the News of the World, that is what they trade on, but it is another thing to lie to a court." The case continues.

Villagers oppose swingers' club

A village pub in Nottinghamshire could become home to the county's first swingers' club. Owners of the Muskham Inn in North Muskham have received plans to turn the pub into a private members club where people meet to share sexual partners. The pub has been empty since February and owners Punch Taverns do not need to apply for a new licence as rules would remain the same for the new club. Residents have said the new club would not be welcome in the village. Strong opposition Ian Harrison, chairman of North Muskham Parish Council said: "We have got a strong community in North Muskham. "We don't want it [the club] here and we are hoping to sit down with the owners of the establishment and convince them that this is not an appropriate site." In a statement, Newark and Sherwood District Council said there was not much they could do to stop the plans as the terms of the licence did not need to be changed. Punch Taverns confirmed they had received an application and were considering the plans. A spokesman from the company said: "The venue will not be open to the general public at any time. "Professionally trained door staff will encourage members to leave quietly and CCTV cameras will be used to monitor all external areas. "Consenting adults will be permitted to use private rooms in strict accordance with the rules of the outlet." Punch Taverns declined a request to identify the applicants and added a decision date had not yet been set as discussions were on-going.

Sexy stars push limits in Egypt By Heather Sharp

BBC News, Cairo As part of a series on young people in the Middle East, the BBC News website looks at how increasingly raunchy female singers have caused controversy in Egypt. Ruby is one of the most talked about female pop stars in Egypt Glamorous and smouldering, a gyrating singer pouts from the screen as a catchy Arabic pop song blasts from the TV speakers. Music videos - or "video clips" as they are known - are the visual wallpaper of choice in the cafes, shops and discos frequented by Egypt's young people. And as popular female stars reveal more and more flesh, controversy has inevitably grown in Egypt's mainly Muslim society. 'Tasteful' Ruby is one of the most-talked about performers. She is Egyptian, rather than from more liberal Lebanon like many current stars. Her raunchy moves, bare midriff and revealing clothing have had conservative MPs clamouring for a ban. How sexy stars are inspiring the Arab high street In pictures: Arab pop trends Raphael, 25, is a fan: "I like Ruby. She dances like there ain't nobody watching. She doesn't care about the camera, she's just out there dancing," he says. But many other young people, both male and female, say she is pushing it too far. Ahmed Esmat, 17, says she is "mis-using her body". "If the video clip doesn't have some kind of strip dancing it won't get popular - but not every one likes to watch this. "When a couple of friends discuss the clips, they watch and enjoy them, but then they start to say: 'This not singing - it's covered up pornography.'" Our governments are all corrupt and, though there is some change for the better, nothing is really improving Rasha, Bahrain Middle East youth: Your views Ruby's producer Sherif Sabri is well used to this debate. He says Ruby's video clips are "artistic, tasteful and rhythmic". "Sexual is a good word, but I would say really it's more sensual," he says. He says it is other artists, not Ruby, who are pushing social boundaries: "I think she started a trend, which has not been followed correctly. I definitely don't agree with the way some imitate these videos. A lot of it is very vulgar." 'Reflecting change' Egyptian culture was relatively liberal in the 1970s but swung towards conservatism in the 1990s - although there are now signs of a counter swing. While daring young women a generation ago wore miniskirts, now tight T-shirts and low-waisted jeans are considered adventurous. English Literature student Injie Swailam, 19, says stars like Ruby are wrongly blamed for the growing liberalism. Sexual is a good word, but I would say really it's more sensual Sherif Sabri, Ruby's producer "I love Ruby. She's reflecting how our culture is now changing. Our community is a closed community, but now people are starting to wear really tight stuff - and they are going out to nightclubs. "When society sees someone saying the truth, people don't want to admit the change," she says. Music videos have been popular in the Arab world for years. But with the recent explosion in satellite television stations across the Middle East, their influence has increased dramatically. Stars used to make video clips - now video clips make stars. The clips' popularity among the young has triggered much social introspection. 'Free relationships' Mohammed Ajami, 30, is an assistant university lecturer in English. He says the stars' clothing and dance styles "spread like fire" among his students. "They memorise the lyrics by heart, and they forget about anything else. Their culture is a mixture of bad influences that lead them away from Islam. I love Ruby - she's reflecting how our culture is now changing Injie Swailam, student, 19 "They have no dreams except feeding these kinds of instincts or living like their fellows in the West," he says. "They gain the bad things from the Western culture - like free relationships between men and women," he says. Amal Abdul Hadi, a feminist activist at the New Women's Foundation, sees the trend partly as a reaction to political marginalisation. "I think they want to affiliate to something - to express themselves, but within a situation where expressing yourself politically is nearly closed." She also considers it a reaction to the conservative climate - but an unhealthy one. "I don't agree that commodifying and objectifying women's bodies is better than conservatism. I can't compare between the two evils. I personally think it's also creating a backlash - a reactionary reflex." 'Take-away sandwiches' Questions of Westernisation and Arab identity also come up. Injie comments that boys now like Ruby with her dark hair and Egyptian features, whereas Western, often blonde, women have long been high on the list of objects of desire. I think we are very, very bored of everything that's being produced - we want something new Mohammed Selim, 27 Raphael says he thinks Middle Eastern women are "the most beautiful on the planet". "I think they want to prove to the world that they can do these things - it's not about singing, it's about Westernising," he says. And while Mohammed Ajami says Western culture plays a strong role, he does not blame it: "The West just offered us this as a product and we naively bought it." However, while Ruby, Lebanon's Nancy Ajram and similar singers tend to be popular with teenagers, several young people in their twenties express frustration at the video clip explosion. "These things are like take-away sandwiches," says Mohammed Selim, 27, who follows Egypt's underground music scene in his work for a Cairo events publication. "I think we are very, very bored of everything that's being produced - music, literature and politics," he says. "It's like eating food which is half-chewed. We want to experiment - we want something new."

Sexy shots shock Swiss Shawne Fielding appeared in a series of sexy shots

A row has erupted in Switzerland over a series of provocative photographs featuring the wife of the Swiss ambassador to Germany published in a German magazine. One of the pictures showed Shawne Fielding - wife of Ambassador Thomas Borer, and a former American beauty queen - wearing a red miniskirt in front of the Swiss flag on the embassy roof. I am deeply concerned and disappointed with what appears to be an extremely narrow-minded reaction Shawne Fielding She was also pictured in a strapless evening dress on a horse on the embassy steps, wearing the American flag as a necktie, and with a dollar sign tattooed above her plunging cleavage. The Swiss Foreign Minister Joseph Deiss has ordered an investigation into the photographs, which have prompted calls from leading Swiss politicians for Mr Borer's dismissal. The pictures - published in the German glossy magazine Max under the title "Cowgirl from the Alps" - have also triggered a media storm in Switzerland. 'The depths of debauchery' "Mr Deiss, now it really is time to act," said the Swiss tabloid Blick in a front page editorial. Blick magazine says enough is enough The calls were echoed in some of the German press, including the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, which said Ms Fielding had "reached the depths of debauchery." The couple say they want to portray Switzerland as a forward-looking and open country rather than perpetuate cliches of an insular Alpine nation full of Heidi lookalikes and chocolate. He will certainly have to answer some questions Ruedi Christen, Foreign Ministry spokesman "I am deeply concerned and disappointed with what appears to be an extremely narrow-minded reaction on behalf of a small group of people who are trying to ruin both my marriage and the career of one of Switzerland's finest sons," said Ms Fielding in a statement. But Yves Morath, an official with a government agency responsible for boosting the Swiss image abroad, criticised the pictures. "An ambassador's wife in the pose of Pamela Anderson is on the limit even in swinging Berlin," he said. Partygoers Swiss Foreign Ministry spokesman Ruedi Christen said it was too early to say whether Mr Borer would be recalled or whether he would face disciplinary action. "But he will certainly have to answer some questions," he added. Mr Borer and his wife - who was Miss Dallas in 1992, Miss Texas in 1994 and came second in the Miss America contest - are Switzerland's most glamorous diplomats. They have earned a reputation as partygoers in Berlin - one of Switzerland's highest diplomatic postings - where Mr Borer has been based since 1999.

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UK Seattle papers ban 'sexy' film Sex And Lucia's key character is a waitress Two major newspapers in Seattle are refusing to run adverts for the Spanish language film, Sex And Lucia, despite the fact that it won awards at the city's film festival in June. A spokeswoman for the Seattle Times and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which share advertising and management, said the film was too explicit to be advertised in either one of their newspapers. "We are not accepting ads for the film," she said. "It does not fit in with our policy on what we consider to be adult entertainment but we are not passing judgement on the film itself." Sex and Lucia, which contains several explicit sex scenes, opens in Seattle on Friday. Spanish sitcom actress Paz Vega plays the lead Palm Pictures, which is distributing the film in the US, is said to be furious at the decision, especially since the Seattle Times was one of the sponsors of the recent film festival. "It is a shame that these two newspapers are trying to block ads that will bring this wonderful film to the attention of the diverse readership in Seattle," said Palm Pictures founder Chris Blackwell. The film won best director and best screenplay at the festival. It focuses on a waitress, played by Spanish sitcom star Paz Vega, who retreats to a Mediterranean island following the death of her boyfriend. Objection The waitress then recalls their passionate relationship and makes a surprising discovery about an incident from his past. It was directed by Julio Medem, whose work also includes Lovers Of The Arctic Circle and The Red Squirrel, and was released in the UK in May. This is not the first time newspapers have objected to advertising particular films. In the past they have vetoed adverts for films which are sexually explicit or carry the restrictive NC-17 rating, meaning nobody under 17 can see the film.

Call to ban 'sexy' Russian mags

By Sebastian Usher BBC world media correspondent Molotok insists it campaigns against social ills One of Russia's highest legal officials is calling for three popular magazines aimed at teenagers to be closed down. Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Sergei Fridinskiy says the magazines - Molotok, Cool and Cool Girl - promote an unhealthy interest in sex and drugs. Staff at the magazines have defended them, saying they encourage a responsible attitude to both sex and drugs amongst teenagers. Molotok, the best-known, sells 250,000 copies every week. Mr Fridinskiy has condemned the three magazines as exploiting teenagers' interest in sex by publishing explicit pictures and stories. He said that the magazines also carried erotic advertisements for mobile phones - all aimed at encouraging teenagers to start having sex early. And he said that the magazines promoted a drug-using lifestyle. He has called on the state media regulator to close down all three. Immoral or responsible? Molotok has been at the forefront of promoting a new breed of young Russian stars, including the pop duo, Tatu. It has been attacked in the past by political and religious groups for its alleged immorality. It is produced by one of Russia's leading publishers, Kommersant Publishing House. A spokesman for the magazine has denied Mr Fridinskiy's charges, saying that Molotok has regularly campaigned for responsible attitudes by teenagers to sex and drugs. He said it was ready to prove its innocence in court.

Missing sex attacker seen in city

Mustafa Ismail escaped from the van in Manchester city centre Police say a sex attacker who escaped from a security van in Manchester may still be in the city. Greater Manchester Police are investigating sightings of Mustafa Ismail, 35, in the Fallowfield area and the city centre. Ismail, a Somali asylum seeker, was being transported from prison in Preston, Lancashire, to a deportation hearing in Manchester when he escaped. He was at the end of a five-year sentence for attempted rape. His female victim described him as "very, very dangerous" and had appealed for anyone sheltering him to contact police. Ismail was travelling in an escort van run by Group 4 Securicor when he escaped near the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal Court in Manchester's Piccadilly on 13 July. The longer Ismail remains at large, the more of a danger we believe him to be Det Insp Mark Roters It is believed he was being handcuffed when he pushed over one of the guards and fled on foot. Greater Manchester Police are looking into a sighting of Ismail on Platt Lane in Fallowfield on Saturday. It is also believed that he has been a regular visitor to a red-light area around Fairfield Street in Manchester city centre. Det Insp Mark Roters said: "The longer Ismail remains at large, the more of a danger we believe him to be. "I want to reassure people that we are doing everything in our power to catch this man but we need the public's help. "If anybody is protecting Ismail then I want them to be very aware that, should Ismail go on to attack another innocent woman, they would have to take some responsibility for his action. "I do not want to worry people in the South Manchester area unnecessarily, but I would warn them that this man is potentially dangerous and people in the area, particularly woman, should take extra care and protect their safety at all times."

Michael issues 'marriage' denial

Michael and Goss recently marked their 10th anniversary as a couple Pop star George Michael has denied his civil partnership ceremony with partner Kenny Goss was called off over reports he "cruised" for sex with strangers. "It's never been an issue between us," he told Channel 4 daytime presenters Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan. The 43-year-old phoned the programme to deny reports an encounter with a man on London's Hampstead Heath had caused a rift with his long-term boyfriend. He said the ceremony had been put back over fears of "intrusion" by the press. "With all the rubbish I've had to put up with in the last six months, we wouldn't get a small private wedding, which is what we want," he continued. "I wanted something small and quiet, but I don't even think we'd get away with that at the moment." The former Wham! singer begins his first UK tour in 15 years this September. Extra concert dates were added in April after early ticket sales exceeded expectations.

Coach creates football 'buddies'

Julian Broomes said he wanted to make training more fun A football coach from the West Midlands has teamed up with university boffins to create "Soccer Buddies" to help young players hone their ball skills. Julian Broomes came up with the idea for the 4ft 6in high figures to replace traffic cones or man-sized mannequins during training sessions. Warwick University's Innovation Direct team helped design the Soccer Buddy. "Youngsters are in their golden years. I thought there must be a way of making training more fun," said Mr Broome. His invention has been tested by Derby County's football in the community scheme and includes a model with a Radar unit which can measure the speed of shots.

Buddy patrols deter pupil bullies

Buddy patrollers are tasked with befriending vulnerable pupils A Tyneside school has introduced so-called "buddy patrols" in an effort to reduce playground bullying. Staff at Richardson Dees Primary School in Wallsend say the scheme will prevent any child being left alone. A special buddy bench has been created where vulnerable youngsters can sit and will be noticed by the school's designated buddy patrollers. Patrollers are tasked with befriending troubled pupils and integrating them back into playground activities. Debbie Myers, acting head teacher at the school said: "As a school we are very committed to encouraging children to think of others and this is a key part of our anti-bullying policy. 'Enthusiastic support' "The playground is one place where children can feel very vulnerable if they are lonely, perhaps because their usual friend is off ill. "The buddy patrol and buddy bench mean that children never need to feel they are alone as there is always someone willing to help introduce them to new friends and to let them join in playground games. "The initiative has enthusiastic support from all pupils who have helped to raise money for the benches." The school has also come up with an anti-bullying rap which is regularly sung at assemblies. A spokeswoman for North Tyneside Council added: "This scheme at Richardson Dees Primary is an excellent example of how children are making a positive contribution to their community by encouraging friendships."

Soldiers' books show Iraq's front line By Richard Allen

Greene BBC News website The war in Iraq may be far from over, but it has already produced a small crop of books by soldiers who fought in it. These books are not like Anthony Swofford's acclaimed marine memoir Jarhead, a searing but elegiac account of the first Gulf War written a decade after the events it describes. Colby Buzzell's description of an ambush in Mosul is stunning They are raw and immediate, based on blogs or letters home, and at their best they hurl the reader directly into experiences neither Hollywood nor 24-hour news channels can replicate. While the authors, all Americans, describe similar events - endless waiting to go into action, sand in the eyes, nose and mouth, the chaos and confusion of actual combat - each has a unique perspective and voice. Colby Buzzell is perhaps the best storyteller, and without a doubt the funniest. His is the kind of brutal wit that enables him, when ordered to write a letter to be delivered to his next of kin in case of his death, to pen this: "Dear Mom and Dad, you're right. I should have gone to college instead. Love, Colby." But he is also sensitive enough to tear up the letter once he gets to Mosul, both because "having a death letter on me kinda creeped me out" and because he doesn't think his parents will see the humour in it if they ever do receive it. WORDS OF WAR My War: Killing Time in Iraq, by Colby Buzzell One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer, by Nathaniel Fick Just Another Soldier: A Year on the Ground in Iraq, by Jason Christopher Hartley Love My Rifle More than You: Young and Female in the US Army, by Kayla Williams with Michael E Staub A slacker and serial troublemaker who joined the Army because he was tired of living with his parents and short-term, dead-end employment, he quickly found the military to be "the best job he had ever had". He also found the perfect outlet for his thoughts, the weblog, which was just gaining prominence as he was deployed in the spring of 2004. He throws himself into everything that catches his attention - reading shelf loads of books, trying to learn Arabic, being a soldier. 'We're taking fire!' And when he is in his vehicle's gun turret as his unit comes under serious attack in Mosul, his description of it is extraordinary. "I observed a man, dressed all in black with a terrorist beard, jump all of the sudden from the side of a building, he pointed his AK-47 barrel right at my fucking pupils, I froze and then a split second later, I saw the fire from the muzzle flash leaving the end of his barrel and brass shell casings exiting the side of his AK as he was shooting directly at me. "I heard and felt the bullets whizz literally inches from my head, hitting all around my hatch and .50-cal mount making a 'Ping' 'Ping' 'Ping' sound. "I ducked down in the hatch, and I yelled, 'We're taking fire! 9 o'clock!!!'" His description goes on for 12 adrenalin-fuelled pages, full of cursing, prayers and desperation, before finishing in typical deadpan fashion: "I walked back to my room, thanked God, and passed out on my bed. "Note: I don't think CNN's report of only 12 dead is accurate." Thoughtful warrior If Buzzell is the typical soldier in many ways, Nathaniel Fick is no ordinary marine. He decided he did not want to join his university classmates in business school or law school after reading classics at the highly prestigious Dartmouth University, preferring instead to, as he put it, test himself as a man. Fick fought not only Iraqis but also his own superiors He became an officer in the marines. Reflective and intelligent though he obviously is, he is also a warrior. His expeditionary unit was the closest to Afghanistan on 11 September 2001, and although he joined the military when Bill Clinton was promoting the post-Cold War "peace dividend", he ended up in the mountains on the Afghan-Pakistani border. He was disappointed not to have the chance to go after Osama Bin Laden - a task given at the last minute to America's Afghan allies - but was at the head of an invasion again only a year later when the US military rolled into Iraq. Among his first tasks there was to deal with dozens of surrendering Iraqi soldiers. He was surprised to see them carrying gas masks, and asked if they thought the Americans would use chemical weapons against Iraq. "No," an Iraqi tells him. "We think Saddam will use them against you and we will be caught in the middle." Those Iraqi boys could die, but I wouldn't let them die in our hands Nathaniel Fick Soon after, they run across the remains of the ill-fated Army's 507th Maintenance Company - Jessica Lynch's unit - in Nasiriya. It is in scenes like this that he reveals himself as the best writer of the bunch: "Bloody hands had pawed at the doors, leaving plaintive prints. Bullet holes frosted the windshields. Congealed blood, more blood than I thought a human body could hold, pooled around the flattened front tires." Tragically, when his platoon finally launches an attack of its own, guns blazing after an order declaring their target a free-fire zone, his men shoot innocent civilians, wounding two young brothers badly. Fick does everything he can to save them, fighting his own chain of command to force his invading army to treat their wounds. "Those Iraqi boys could die, but I wouldn't let them die in our hands." The moment seems typical of Fick, who comes across as a deeply moral man, prescient about the collapse of order that would follow in the wake of the invasion. 'This is a fight' Jason Christopher Hartley is among those sent in to try to pick up the pieces after the original invading force rotated home. Hartley was punished for his blog on the period after the invasion of Iraq A long-serving soldier in the Army National Guard - the reserves - he, like Buzzell, blogged the war (though he was punished for it much more harshly than Buzzell, for reasons not entirely clear). His sarcastic tone, filled with pop culture references - at one point he considers whether Iraq is more like Indiana Jones or Star Wars - almost hides his thoughtful nature. "I refuse to call this a war," he writes from Kuwait before crossing into Iraq. "This is a fight. And a dirty one at that. The way I see it, our enemy simply wants to kill as many Americans as possible, thereby convincing the CNN-watching public that the price is just too great and we should pull out and let the Shia clerics or whoever take care of things. "In my opinion, this strategy is brilliant. It's cheap, and it has a good chance of working. "I pray it doesn't." He has much of the same ironic wit that characterises Buzzell's writing - referring off-handedly to human civilisation as "a regional accomplishment the people of Iraq are very proud of". But at the same time, in the single most empathetic passage in any of these books, he imagines an entire lifetime for the people on the receiving end of one of his unit's raids, crafting a detailed and touching short story from the single detail of a man found alone, on a bed, with a bullet wound in his head. Constant conflict Kayla Williams was able to get much closer to the people of Iraq than the other writers, as a military intelligence soldier fluent in Arabic. Williams explains the mindset behind the Abu Ghraib abuses In many ways, her portrayal of the locals in Iraq is much more sympathetic than it is of her own fellow soldiers. As a woman in the Army, she dealt with sexism and harassment, but also seems often to have argued with her own superiors, male and female, because she was convinced she knew better. She captures the absurdity of Army life when she describes how her lieutenant insists there has been no order to deploy to Iraq - although the troops have just seen it announced on CNN. And she warns that Abu Ghraib-style abuse was widespread well before the scandal broke - but also recognises where the mindset that allowed it came from. "We all reach a point where we have to assume everyone is friendly, or assume everyone is a potential enemy. It simply becomes too overwhelming to play that line at every single moment. To look at each person and make that choice over and over and over again. "So we make one choice: We come to assume the worst about everyone."

Loans police probe 'ridiculous' Mr Campbell quit Downing Street in 2003

Tony Blair's ex-spin chief Alastair Campbell has waded into the "loans for peerages" row branding a police probe a "ridiculous" waste of time. The former Number 10 head of communications also accused the media of creating a "political frenzy". And he rubbished an inquiry by North Wales Police into claims Mr Blair had used abusive terms about the Welsh. Mr Campbell also asked why there had never been a police probe into peerages and funding in the 1980s. "I can't help wondering why there was never a police inquiry in the Thatcher years into the link between peerages and donations, not to mention the corrupt practice of knighting serving editors and ennobling proprietors who sucked up to Thatcher in print," he wrote in the Mirror. Elections watchdog He added that some sections of the media would always "happily gorge" on anything thought to damage the prime minister and he asked whether the "tax-paying public think this a good use of police resources when set against terrorism, organised crime, anti-social behaviour, general safety issues? Referring to the investigation into Blair allegedly using the phrase "fucking Welsh", Mr Campbell said: "What both the Welsh nonsense and loans situation have in common is that they were the subject of media and political frenzy." On Thursday the UK elections watchdog, the Electoral Commission, suspended its probe into loans to political parties pending the outcome of the Metropolitan Police investigation. The commission said the decision followed talks with the Met.

Campbell: E-mail row 'silly fuss'

Mr Campbell is proving controversial once again Ex-No 10 media chief Alastair Campbell is at the centre of a new political row over an e-mail containing a four-letter outburst aimed at BBC journalists. Mr Campbell sent the missive by mistake to BBC2's Newsnight after it sought to question his role in Labour's controversial poster campaign. He later contacted the show saying the original e-mail had been sent in error and that it was all a "silly fuss". Mr Campbell has recently re-joined Labour's election campaign. Campbell swears shock. Final sentence of earlier email probably a bit colourful and personal considering we have never actually met Alastair Campbell's email to Newsnight The e-mail was revealed the day after Peter Mandelson, former Labour minister and now a European Commissioner, warned the BBC to steer away from "demonising" Mr Campbell. Mr Campbell messaged Newsnight after the programme investigated claims that Labour's advertising agency TBWA was blaming him for controversy over its campaign posters. The images, including one of flying pigs and another of what critics claim depicted Tory leader Michael Howard as Fagin, prompted accusations of anti-Semitism, claims denied by Labour. Joking apart? Mr Campbell's e-mail, which was apparently intended for a party official, suggested they should get Trevor Beattie, TBWA's boss, to issue a statement. In it, he said: "Just spoke to trev. think tbwa shd give statement to newsnight saying party and agency work together well and nobody here has spoken to standard. Posters done by by tbwa according to political brief. Now fuck off and cover something important you twats!" The e-mail was sent by mistake to Newsnight journalist Andrew McFadyen. Realising his error, Mr Campbell then e-mailed Mr McFadyen pointing out the mistake, but suggesting presenter Jeremy Paxman would have seen the funny side. Swearing 'shock' He said: "Not very good at this e-mail Blackberry malarkey. Just looked at log of sent messages, have realised e-mail meant for colleagues at TBWA has gone to you. For the record, first three sentences of email spot on. No row between me and trevor. "Posters done by them according to our brief. I dreamt up flying pigs. Pigs not great but okay in the circs of Tories promising tax cuts and spending rises with the same money. TBWA made production. "Campbell swears shock. Final sentence of earlier e-mail probably a bit colourful and personal considering we have never actually met but I'm sure you share the same sense of humour as your star presenter Mr P. "Never known such a silly fuss since the last silly fuss but there we go. Must look forward not back." 'Talented' and 'polite' Later the prime minister's spokesman was asked by journalists about his view on Mr Campbell's use of abusive language. The spokesman said: "The person you are referring to is capable of speaking for himself and he no longer works in government." Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said he had always had "very good and polite relations" with Mr Campbell, who he described as "very talented". But on the former spin doctor's use of language, Mr Straw said: "I do know the odd journalist who has occasionally used the odd word that would probably be inappropriate in some circumstances. Maybe I mix with the wrong kind of journalists." Liam Fox, Tory co-chairman, said the return of Mr Campbell was a sign of new "sinister and underhand tactics" by Labour.

Tough times for telecoms tycoon

By Virginia Eastman BBC TV's Trouble at the Top Mr Caudwell is no shrinking violet Warning: A quote in this report contains some strong language It's not every day you watch a man take a phone call that turns him into a billionaire. Sitting on board his £4m Sunseeker yacht just off Barcelona, John Caudwell's phone rang. The telephone tycoon received word that the ink was drying on a deal which sealed the sale of one of his companies, Singlepoint, to Vodafone for enough money to buy a hundred more yachts. It catapulted him to number two on the Sunday Times' British earnings list. John Caudwell is that rare thing - a self-made billionaire from the North Midlands. Unlike many other shrewd operators in the mobile market, he had the good sense to get into just about every aspect of the mobile phone business: retail and wholesale distribution of handsets, as well as airtime - even accessories. Over 17 years he's built a company which employs 7,500 people with a turnover of more than £2bn and profits of £30m-plus. That's a thin margin, but then that's the mobile phone business for you. It's mature and very, very competitive. It's also no time to take your eye off the ball in this fast-moving business. Heads will roll On returning from Barcelona, Mr Caudwell found that all was not well at Phones4u, the jewel in his group's crown. For the first time since April 2001 the retail division was about to lose money. Mr Caudwell prides himself on taking no prisoners: he cleared his diary and set up a series of one-on-one interviews with his top management to get to the bottom of what had gone wrong. Within hours, his managing director had left the company. But down on the shop floor, Mr Caudwell found a reluctance to take problems to the top, which he found very frustrating. "If you see something wrong bloody criticise it!" he tells the troops. "Why do people find it so difficult to say somebody's fucked up in a massive way, and now we're going to move on?" Barking and biting Eventually the picture becomes clearer. Bureaucracy's gone mad: the organisation is drowning in a sea of e-mails. Ban them, barks Mr Caudwell. Next problem: the sales force lacks motivation - morale is low. Mr Caudwell splashes out on the incentive scheme to end all incentive schemes: make the best performer in the business a millionaire! Next problem: the sales force need more sophisticated training. Simple, roars Mr Caudwell - launch a sales academy! "You shouldn't be called salespeople," he tells his cherished team. "You should be called deal prevention consultants!" Festive frolics Next, a new advertising campaign is launched for the run up to Christmas. So far, so good. But the High Street is facing one of its most competitive Christmases for years. Other companies are giving phones away in two-for-one deals that are very hard to beat. So Mr Caudwell leaps into action again. His idea this time is a "customer excellence" campaign, where staff bonuses are based on five measures of client service. Mr Caudwell has started a revolution at Phones4u. But the road is long. Has he turned things around in time for the most lucrative shopping season of the year? To find out, watch Trouble at the Top, BBC2, 11 August at 2150 UK time.

Nude Recreation the Fastest Growing Niche in the Travel Industry Says Recent Forbes Magazine Report

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Palm Springs, CA, United States, 07/31/2006 - Record heat waves! How does one stay cool and comfortable on their summer vacation this year? One fun way is to try the fastest growing vacation trend around, staying at a nudist resort. With the long hot summer this year, you only have a few choices for beating the heat. You can exhaust yourself shopping at the local mall for new lightweight resort wear and spend an equal amount of time worrying how you will look in your new, expensive clothes. Or, you can decide to pack light for this year's vacation. Real light in fact. All you will need to wear is your birthday suit, suntan lotion, and a smile. This is the year you should finally try staying at a clothing optional resort. I can hear you thinking. "What, me vacationing at a nude resort? It sounds unusual." Not really. Europeans have been visiting naturist resorts and nude and topless beaches for decades. In Europe, when the temperatures go up, the clothes come off. A recent news story on stated "Brits say bye bye to the bikini for an all over tan." There has never been a better time to take a clothing optional vacation in America than now. Forbes Magazine reports that nude recreation is the fastest growing niche in the travel industry. Palm Springs, California is one of the most popular destinations as they have the best year round weather of all cities in the U.S. You never need to worry about hurricanes while relaxing poolside in sunny Palm Springs. You may wonder, who goes to nudist resorts? Everyone! Democrats and republicans, the tall and the short, thin and not thin, and the young and old all have fun sunbathing au naturel. Baby boomers in particular have been flocking to nudist resorts lately. They have always been an experimental generation. It is only natural that boomers should seek out new travel experiences and fun adventures. "But I need to lose 10 or 20 or more pounds before I can come to your resort." Tom and Mary Clare Mulhall, the owners of the popular Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort and Spa of Palm Springs CA hear this comment all the time from "newbies." The Terra Cotta is famous for being the most mainstream nude resort in America. They are the best place for couples trying nude sunbathing for the first time. They are a beautiful boutique resort that was originally built as a celebrity hideaway. Repeat guests from around the world love staying there. "The good thing about vacationing at a clothing optional resort," says Mary Clare "is it really builds a woman's self esteem. She will see that all women are 'normal.' So many women tell me that they hate wearing bathing suits because they feel self conscious, but love going nude because now, for once in their lives they truly feel free and don't have to worry how they look in a suit. It is a great feeling knowing how happy women are vacationing with us." So this summer, if you are looking to beat the heat, try something cool. Book your vacation at a clothing optional resort. If you go, this will be the year all your friends will want to hear about your new fun adventure.

Naked Scandinavians leave police speechless

July 31 2006 at 03:15AM Tirana - Albanian police were speechless when around 30 Scandinavian women went topless, shocking local bathers and causing an uproar in an Albanian beach resort. "Police only watched. They could not approach the tourists because they spoke no English," a local newspaper in the southern Albania coastal town of Sarande said. Albanian mothers dragged their children away and police received a barrage of complaints over the Scandinavian tourists. The Scandinavians left after two hours when their guide was informed that nude bathing was banned on public beaches. Nudity and topless bathing are still taboo in the poor Balkan country.

Janet Jackson Has Found Her Match In The Bedroom

July 31, 2006 7:46 a.m. EST Svjetlana Mlinarevic - All Headline News Contributor Hollywood, CA (BANG) - Janet Jackson has revealed Jermaine Dupri is the best lover she's ever had. The singer - who has been dating the record producer for around five years - insists in Jermaine she has finally found her equal in the bedroom, after a string of disappointments. She said in an interview with Essence magazine, "I feel like I finally met my match. In relationships, it was always the guy telling me, 'Okay, hold on, wait a minute.' I'd ask my girlfriends, 'Aren't we supposed to be the ones that say, 'Not tonight I've got a headache?' I thought something's not right here. But with Jermaine I don't have to say anything. He knows I'm ready any time, any place." Earlier this month, Janet admitted Jermaine was her 'Mr. Right' - calling him her "better half". The 40-year-old star, the sister of Michael Jackson, insisted after years of fruitless searching she had finally found her soulmate. Janet - who has two failed marriages behind her - said at the time, "You know he's my other half, my better half. I finally got it right."

Listeners Upset Over Radio Format ChangeJuly 27, 2006

Some call it revolutionary. Some call it offensive. But for now, it's gone. A formal complaint is on it's way to the Federal Government, in response to controversial change to a valley radio station. A popular Christian radio station suddenly switched to playing sexually suggestive songs. The switch surprised and angered listeners. The federal government may get involved in the local radio business after a provocative stunt introduced the valley to new ownership on the FM dial. A Kingsburg-based station turned the valley into a test market for so-called porn radio, featuring sexually suggestive songs and tracked moans and groans. But Thursday afternoon, an announcement replaced the music. The dramatic shift came on one of the former homes of K-LOVE 106.3 FM. Listeners used to tune in to the Kingsburg based station for Christian music and sermons, but it switched to porn radio. It went off the air Thursday after five days, but the valley may not have heard the last of the radio format. Legendary radio consultant Jerry Clifton bought the station earlier this month. Porn radio is his brainchild, and he is well-known in the business for stunt radio. It's a tried-and-true way to get new listeners when you change formats. "I was shocked," said Kingsbugh merchant June Hess. Kingsburg is better known for its Swedish Festival and raisins, than for anything related to sex. The city has already filed a complaint with the FCC and residents say Clifton should peddle his pornographic music somewhere else. "Get out of my town, If you can't clean it up", said Hess. But Clifton doesn't mind ruffling a few feathers. He says his attorneys assure him the station never crossed the line into indecency, and even negative attention will pay off when he chooses a format. "I mean, nobody was listening to the station and obviously now they are, or they wouldn't be up in arms about it, so that's a good thing for our future," Clifton said. The stunt could cost Clifton up to $325,000 in fines if the FCC determines that indecent material hit the airwaves. Clifton says the station will air music again soon, as they let listeners choose the format, although he's partial to the porn radio format. He's also looking for office space in downtown Fresno, to move the station out of Kingsburg.

Paris bans nude tanning print article email a friend Paris

Worried about an excess of flesh visible on the banks of the River Seine, Paris city hall has banned thong bikinis, topless sunbathing and nudity at the summer sand-in-the-city event known as Paris Beaches, reported Le Parisien newspaper on Saturday. Violators will be fined $48 (about R350), said the report. Thongs and "monokinis" - or bottom-only bikinis - are common sights on France's Mediterrannean and Atlantic shores. Paris was pushed to forbid "indecent attire" because it could "provoke temptation and dangerous behaviour along the bank of a river," said Pascal Cherki, mayoral aide in charge of sports. City officials responsible for Paris Beaches could not be reached for comment on Saturday. It was unclear why the ban was only imposed this year, the fifth year of the event. Mayor Bertand Delanoe inaugurated Paris Plages in 2002, filling sections of the left and right banks of the Seine with sand and installing spray misters, hammocks, parasols and other beach-style accoutrements. The month-long event attracted 3.8 million people last year, and this year has pulled in many seeking relief from record heat.

My new girlfriend is coming over for the first time

What '90s movie should I rent to ensure I get laid? Striptease? Showgirls? Ghost, of course. Is there even a question? Showgirls is, by far, the least erotic thing. If you want to get laid, you're better off renting season one of Golden Girls. Striptease? Showgirls? That's whack-off material. I'm worried for this date, seeing as how you're so self-absorbed you think these films will put her in the mood. I'm having an affair. What advice can you give me for not getting caught? Don't enjoy it too much. Most of the times I've been caught doing something, I set myself up for that. It's not that I wanted to get caught, but I wanted to expose myself to the risk, the thrill. When people get caught having affairs, a lot of the time — but not all the time — they leave a trail of breadcrumbs because it's too good. They're angry they can't have it all the way and they want to stick it to the person they know it will hurt. promotion Have you ever slept with a fellow cast member or someone else on set? What advice would you give me if I decide to start sleeping with someone I work with? Yeah, if you want to get work — please! For the record, I have never slept with anyone to get a job. However, I have gotten jobs as a result of people I have slept with. The key is not to target your sexual conquest — just be promiscuous enough that eventually you'll hit something. What about in an office? Don't do it. When you're in a relationship, you naturally drift to other areas of your life during the day. Then you go back and share it with your partner. That's what makes a great relationship — discovering new things all the time and entertaining each other. For relationships to work, you need the freedom to explore your own interests and have the thrill of going back and sharing it with someone who appreciates it. You need to have your own life. You need to have girl's night out. You need to have these experiences away from each other. The human psyche is very complex and you need to explore other things. Those couples that are always together and really cutesy, they're really boring. The best relationships are the ones where the husband can do something crazy and come home and tell his wife and she'll laugh. I just started dating a guy who keeps talking about his last girlfriend. How do I get him to stop? The only time people talk about their exes is when the sex was really good. It doesn't mean you can't be good in bed too. How do you have a future with this person then? Get really good in bed. You could just complain, but then you're that girl who complains about her boyfriend talking about his ex. Actions speak louder than words. Don't complain and tell someone not to do something. Give them a reason to stop. My boyfriend wants me to take a shower with him, but I'm self-conscious about my body. I've got rolls. How do I overcome this? Take a bubble bath. It'll allow you to hide what you want to hide. I'm sure the boyfriend knows the rolls are there. He doesn't care. He likes them. He probably has no opinion about them at all. Men are very simple. She's probably all worked up about her rolls and he just looks at them and then looks at her boobs. Get in the water, call to him and have the water running already when he comes in. That's also a sexy power play because you get to make him take off his clothes while you watch. Where can I find a quick summer fling? Go to events that have a point. That gives you something to talk about. Go to a fundraiser for that new art museum. People say, "Oh, go to church or take a class at a community center." But you're going to meet dorky people there. People who go to church to look for hookups are nerds. That's like going to an AA meeting to hook up. I dated this guy for a while about a year ago. Then we broke up amicably. Now we're both single and I want to pursue him strictly as a fuck-buddy. Possible? Honey, that's not a fuck buddy. That's ex sex, and it's the best sex you ever, ever had. You know how to push each other's buttons. You know that you are there 100% just for the moment, but at the same time there's an emotional connection. Especially if you broke up on good terms, there's a lot about that person that you like. Furthermore, you know what to do. A lot of sex is the pleasure of getting someone else off. You want to do things that work on the other person. You're much more selfish with a fuck buddy, but when it's an ex, you're like "Ha, ha! See what you're missing?" You know that this person is there because they want to have sex with you. It's flattering when someone says, "You know, our relationship didn't work, but the sex was just so good I want to do it again." I'm a woman and I suspect that my closest male friend has a crush on me. How do I ward him off without hurting his feelings? It's impossible. It's not going to be a happy ending no matter what, if he really likes you that much. You can't tell someone to stop liking someone. It's like telling your kid to stop crying — they're going to cry harder. Just make yourself scarce for a while, separate and not talk. Don't say why. Just make yourself busy. He'll start to get over it, and if he doesn't you need to stop talking to him entirely. Dustin Diamond, 29 Dustin played Samuel "Screech" Powers on NBC's Saved by the Bell from the first episode (1989) to the last (1993). He went on to play Principal Belding's assistant in the spin-off, Saved by the Bell: The New Class. These days, Dustin has been utilizing his fame to raise enough money to keep his house — doing stand-up comedy, wrestling other celebrities and selling his own line of "D-shirts." Buy one of your own at Did President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky make oral sex more publicly acceptable? Oral sex has always been acceptable. The bottom line is, regardless of your position, whether you're a plumber or a president, it doesn't matter. I think Clinton played it off well. From [in Clinton voice], "I did not have sexual relations with that woman," then all of sudden he's like, "Well, hey baby, you know!" He handled it well. I don't know why she kept the dress though. My new girlfriend is coming over for the first time. What '90s movie should I rent to ensure that I get laid? The girls I tend to go for like The Crow. The Crow? Yeah, The Crow. The romantic story, the tragic love story. They were going to get married. They were brutally assaulted. She ended up dying. He ended up dying, but his ghost couldn't rest. He went back and set the wrong things right. Fighting for justice and love and in the end he's still dead, so it's that sad, sad love story. [To his girlfriend, Jennifer] What do you think is a romantic movie to bone by? There weren't a lot of good humping movies in the '90s. What about Sliver? Sliver is good. [To Jennifer] We're going to watch Sliver and bone tonight. We're going to tear it up. You're going to hear bones crack. Would you ever watch a sex video of yourself? Doesn't matter if you're an actor or not, guys can't videotape themselves having sex. And shouldn't. Inevitably, as a guy, you look at yourself and you're like, "Hey, yeah, all right! Check me out!" If you watch porn, the guys never do that. They never look at the camera. Have you ever slept with a cast member or someone else on set? I had my share of escapades on the set. I went for guest stars or the extras. Every week, we had thirty different extras. It was like a smorgasbord. If we didn't get along or things didn't work out, next week it was a new day. A new go. What advice would you give me if I decide to start sleeping with someone I work with? Unless you're going to marry and have kids with him, things are eventually and inevitably going to hit a standstill. Let's say someone new comes along and you want to hook up with him. Now this person is going to be jealous and it's going to cause discomfort. I say hook up with temps. The girl I'm dating constantly brings up her ex in conversation. How can I get her to focus on the present? You got to tap it so good that she falls asleep. If she doesn't fall asleep afterwards, you have no chance. Rock it to sleep, baby. My test is that I'll pop in a movie, but first get her down. If she can watch the movie afterward, I didn't do it right. My boyfriend wants me to shower with him, but I'm self-conscious about my body. How is a girl to overcome this? It's not her job to overcome it, it's the guy's job to help her overcome it. Make an effort to explore with your hands and head in those areas and make it okay. Also, he should talk about his beer gut. You're drawing the attention off of her. Laughter can make you comfortable. To be slick, I always take a dip in a spa. The girl feels cool because she can sit down under the water and only her head is exposed. When the guy gets out, he should do the gentleman thing and hold the towel up for her. Hold it in front where you can't really see so she feels like it's a safety shield. Then you can bring the towel around the back. Don't wrap her around the front like a mummy, because then it's like you don't want to see her. Swing it around the back so that now she's totally exposed. Then take a shower to clean off the chlorine. Start out in the bathing suit and then those can come off in the shower. You've done this before? The spa trick? Oh yeah. You have a lot of moves. Yeah, I can write a book of moves. They're all tried and tested. Where can I meet a guy for a summer fling? Find a festival where bands are playing and people are drinking and dancing. Every place in the country has its own festival. Go to a place where people are going there specifically to hang out and watch a band. They want to be comfortable and still be available for options, should options appear. People are usually coming from out of town for festivals, staying in hotels that are usually within walking distance. Then they're gone when the festival is over. Who was your dirtiest crush from the '90s? I had a crush on Jennifer Connelly for a long time. She was in Career Opportunities. Her boobs were just huge. She looked like she was smuggling two hams. They looked like a midget mooning you. It was incredible. Then she did The Hot Spot. She was topless in that. I'd bone her even if my lady was in the room. Do you have Screech stalkers? I have Dustin Diamond stalkers. I have people who are fans of the show that show up — girls who have heard the legend of the D. The eight-inch monster? Eight? Nine? You didn't listen to that [Howard Stern] transcript did you? Ten? Yeah. Ten inches. Okay, good. I have girls showing up and saying, "Ruin me." One of them, I don't know if she had all of her teeth. I mean, most of them were there. She sounds special. She had a chinstrap, but no helmet. It was very bizarre. Have you ever slept with someone to climb the ranks in your industry? Would you recommend it? I never had the opportunity. Our executive producer was a guy in his sixties. Maybe if I were Zach . . . I'm a woman and I suspect that my male friend has a crush on me. How do I deal with this? Every guy who's a friend with a girl wants to bone her. Unless it's the gay guy friend. If a guy is friends with a girl and the girl ever wants to test it and say, "Let's sleep together," 100% of the time the guy will go for it. So you don't think guys and girls can be platonic friends. Put it this way. You know how many girls have said that's not true? And you know how many girls I've boned that started out as just friends? Next time Jennifer and I fight, you and me go to the movies. Jake Fogelnest, 27 Jake rose to fame at the tender age of fourteen in 1994 when his TV show, SQUiRT TV, premiered on Manhattan public access and was quickly scooped up by MTV. Today, you can see Jake regularly on VH1's I Love The . . . series and hear him on Sirius Satellite Radio. My new girlfriend is coming over for the first time. What '90s movie should I rent to ensure that I get laid? Say Anything. Yes, it was released in 1989, but if you really want to make it happen, the '90s is the wrong decade. John Cusack equals getting laid. Billy Baldwin equals something else entirely. What advice would you give me if I decide to start sleeping with someone I work with? People I know who work together and also go out always end up driving each other crazy. You can't spend that much time together without going batshit insane. If you're boyfriend/girlfriend and you're in a band/sketch comedy group/investment banking firm together and you live together and one of you ends up buying a dog, you're screwed. For a relationship to work, you have to make sure there's time set aside to act weird alone in your apartment at four in the morning. Did President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky made oral sex the more acceptable in the '90s? What did we learn from it? People reading may be totally comfortable with blowjobs, but the rest of the country is really freaked out by them. In the '50s, it was an activity that simply was not talked about. My personal attitude with Clinton: The guy got a hummer, big deal. If a President can't be a scumbag and cheat on his wife, we might as well be in a nation of commies. Who was your dirtiest crush from the '90s? Would you still sleep with him or her now? I've never had a crush that was dirty. A crush is pure, innocent and John Hughes-approved. However, one time I fucked this junkie chick that was in the movie Bad Lieutenant and that was awesome. I wouldn't do it again because it would be like watching The Deer Hunter on basic cable — a pitiful imitation of the original, edited for content, squeezed for time and pan and scanned with no respect for the original theatrical aspect ratio. Have you ever slept with anyone to climb the ranks in your industry? Would you recommend it? I would love if this were true, but the reality is that anyone who is really capable of helping your career is probably smart and would smell your shallowness a mile away. So you better be really hot. If you're really hot, you'll get fucked for sure, and perhaps that'll lead to a speaking role on According To Jim. I'm having an affair. What advice can you give me for not getting caught? Be careful what you get from Netflix. If your significant other sees films like The Graduate and The Secret Of My Success in your mailbox, they might start to wonder. Why are you cheating in the first place? If you're that bored with the person you're with, get out of the relationship. Unless you enjoy spending time making each other miserable with passive-aggressive bullcrap. If you insist on continuing your illicit sinful activities, keep track of every little lie and when confronted deny everything loudly. I'm a woman and my male friend has a crush on me. How do I ward him off nicely? Just go out with him, okay? Please just fucking go out with him. Kiss him. He's probably a great guy. What are you looking for anyway? Someone who gets you more? Susan Powter, 48 Susan's "Stop the Insanity!" campaign impelled millions to exercise during the 1990s. "It was a decade of seven books, nine best-selling videos and four fucking infomercials," she explains. She maintains her size-two figure but has grown out her signature blonde crew-cut into dredlocks. See the latest on her health crusade on the Today show on August 8 and 9, visit her website and add her as a MySpace friend. The most important thing I want to get out to people is that the only reason I'm working again is because you and I are talking directly. You didn't go through six managers, did you? No, there was no bullshit with you. Today, my book is selling in Italy, Australia and Greece. And people buy it directly though me. We don't have to go through corporations. Talent now has more control over their brand and how it's distributed thanks to — praise Jesus — the internet. I can talk to you. I don't have to meet you in New York in some hoity-toity bloody reporters thing. Although we'll play that game too. I prefer this. It's a real conversation between two people. I want to have a summer fling. Where's the best place to find one? The Rosie gay cruise is a pretty good spot to meet a beautiful girlfriend. Kathleen and Rosie did what Julie from The Love Boat was far too coked up to do. I like to go places that are full of — my preference — beautiful women. I'm a woman and I suspect my best guy friend has a crush on me. How can I ward him off? Tell the truth, whether it hurts or not. That's what every women should do, always. Especially when they're talking to boys. How would she approach him? Ask him straight up if he has a crush on her? She should literally look at him and say, "I have an instinct. I would never betray you by feeling something and not telling you about it, because you're a friend of mine. My instinct is that you're approaching this differently than me." If women can't speak that, then we have no chance of anything. Treat him like a friend and tell him the goddamn truth. What if an old flame recently gained weight? Someone you haven't seen in years comes back to your life forty pounds heavier. You had high hopes of sleeping with said person, but once you see them, you're turned off. I'd tell the story of Stop the Insanity! One of the most painful experiences of my 260 pounds was when I was in an ice cream store. I swear to God. I bumped into someone who hadn't seen me in two and a half years, and who had never seen me morbidly obese. The look on their face when they were pretending not to notice! It hurt so badly. You can say [to your old flame], "Oh my God, you look really different!" They know they've gained weight. Don't be unkind by being polite. You know what polite is? Polite is an excuse for not telling the truth. It's a load of shit. You can also approach it comically: "I'm not going to look at you and pretend you don't look different! You know you look different." There are ways to do it, people. Everyone needs to grow up. My boyfriend wants me to take a shower with him, but I'm self-conscious about my body. What can I do? Say to him, "I will get butt-naked, high noon, when I'm good and goddamn well ready to. In the meantime, take your own shower." Then get working on getting lean, strong and healthy — not so you can get naked for him, but so you can naked for you. In the middle of the day, in a beautiful outdoor shower. Wiley Wiggins, 29 Wiley played Mitch Kramer, the nose-scratching, hair-fiddling freshman in Dazed and Confused in 1993. He's still involved in independent film, video and interactive media. Peek at his Flickr photos on his blog, News of the Dead. My girlfriend is coming over for the first time. What '90s movie should I rent to ensure I get laid? Showgirls? Threesome? If you actually like those movies and your girlfriend likes you, I have no advice for you. You're both alien to me. '90s sex movies . . . Sex, Lies and Videotape? Frivolous Lola? Bound? If your girlfriend gets hot after watching Showgirls, she's probably a drag queen. Have fun. Have you ever slept with a fellow cast member? What advice would you give me if I decide to start sleeping with someone I work with? I've never slept with anyone on a movie set, but I have at normal jobs. I don't think it's generally a good idea. Sure, there are a few perks — somebody to give you a ride to work, lunch breaks are potentially more exciting — but in the long run it smacks of shitting where you eat as far as I'm concerned. As far as advice goes, I'm not going to give anybody any seduction tips, because I don't believe in it. If someone doesn't feel compelled to fuck you for who you really are, then the whole thing is a charade. Sure, you can maneuver a little, but it's either going to happen or it won't. In my experience, these things are ninety percent chemical reaction anyway. My new girlfriend constantly brings up her ex. How do I pull her into the present? That's a pretty big faux pas when meeting a new person. You might consider telling her that it makes you feel a little uncomfortable, or ask her if she feels like she still has stuff she needs to work out regarding her ex. I just got out of a long-term relationship and I'm probably guilty of talking about my ex around people I date now, but it's difficult not to bring it up when the last four years of your life were inexorably intertwined with someone else's. In short, let her know it bugs you, but let her get through it and work on making new memories with her as best you can. Where can I find a quick summer fling? The internet was invented for the purpose of initiating no-strings-attached sex. That, and for meeting deranged sexual predators who will tie you up in a cellar for a week, then fillet you with an electric knife while singing showtunes. I don't know. Casual sex isn't something you can really engineer, unless you're willing to submit to some fairly creepy and dangerous behavior. It's something that just happens when you meet someone who is in a place in their life where all they want is a snack, not a four-course meal. Did President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky make oral sex more acceptable? You're asking me if oral sex was less acceptable in the '80s than it was in the '90s? I have no idea. I could never get anybody to go down on me when I was ten. All the girls in my elementary school were prudes. Who was your dirtiest crush in the '90s? Sherilyn Fenn in Twin Peaks just about drove me into frothy-mouthed, rabid voodoo possession when I was a kid. My boyfriend wants me to take a shower with him, but I'm self-conscious about my body. How can I cope with this? Being scared to let a boyfriend see you naked is a red flag. In my experience, people who are horrified by their own bodies are usually more in need of therapy than exercise. Maybe letting someone else see you naked, and seeing that they're not going to run away when they realize that you don't look like a girl in a beer commercial, is the best therapy you could ask for.

Eddie Van Halen Scores Porn July 27, 2006

The Van Halen guitarist has partnered with an adult film director to write and perform two songs for one of his upcoming, um, films. Eddie Van Halen Eddie Van Halen has teamed up with adult video director Michael Ninn to write and perform two songs for his upcoming Ninn Worx production, Sacred Sin. The rocker makes no excuses for his decision to work in the adult industry. "I'm working with a friend -- very simple," Van Halen told adult site "I like his work. Michael Ninn is like a Spielberg to me: the imagery, the way he makes things look, just...sensual." To Ninn's "sensual" cinematography, Van Halen will add two tracks tracks, "Rise" and "Catherine," the latter of which is a remix of the theme to a Ninn film of the same name and has "a 'Kashmir'-Led Zeppelin kind of feel to it now," Ninn told AVN. Sacred Sin, which Ninn said is aimed at the "couples market," will be available on Sept. 13 and will feature music videos for both Van Halen songs. But Van Halen fans who prefer their sex tapes soft-core needn't worry: Ninn is also cutting a non-explicit version of the movie which will be called Rise. No release date has been set.

'Up-skirting' prompts talk of national laws By Samantha Donovan for The World Today

Australia's attorneys-general are considering a national crackdown on voyeuristic photos and their publication on the Internet. The nation's top law makers are considering how to deal with the problem of "up-skirting" and "down-blousing", in which mobile phone cameras and pen cameras are used to photograph unsuspecting women. Outlawing the publication of photos without the subject's consent is being considered. Victorian Attorney-General Rob Hulls is urging the state and Commonwealth to come up with a national approach to these problems. "Most jurisdictions believe they have legislation that may cover [these types of] incidences but that's not clear," he said. "I'll be asking for a national approach to ensure that that type of inappropriate behaviour is certainly covered by laws right across the country." While it may be clear that taking a photo up a woman's skirt without her permission and publishing it on a website would not be condoned by most people, a more complex issue that the attorneys-general have been discussing is what to do when legal photos are published on voyeuristic websites. The matter came to the attention of the Victorian Government a few years ago when photos of Melbourne school boys turned up on a website without their consent. Vice-chair of the Australian Privacy Foundation, David Vaile, says the further people look into the matter, the more difficult it becomes. "I've had concerns from people at schools, both on the part of concerned parents saying, 'I don't want my kids photos being abused and being turned into pornography'," he said. "But at the same time you've got equally concerned parents saying 'Look, I don't want to be stopped from taking photos of my kids at the beach or the school carnival and putting them up on the school website. "'I don't want the school to be blocked from legitimately using photos for its own promotional purposes, or just to celebrate a sporting event.'" Knee-jerk Mr Vaile says the foundation agrees a national approach is a good idea but with a few provisos. "It's important to take into account existing laws," he said. "In some cases, governments overreact when existing laws can actually go a long way to protecting certain rights. "But if it has to be a specific one I think it's very important to not bring the whole idea of protection of privacy into disrepute by bringing in some sort of knee-jerk, blanket prohibition that turns out to be unworkable." Chief executive of the Internet Industry Association, Peter Coroneos, says enforcement of any national policy will be a problem. "If they agreed on national laws that would make the publication of such photos without consent an offensive, then of course those photos to the extent they're hosted in Australia, could be subject to removal upon notification by the regulator to the company hosting the website in Australia," he said. "We've seen this in pornography debate that's been alive since about 1998, but what happened as a consequence of those policies was that any pornographic material that was remaining in Australia prior to the commencement of the law in 2000, since moved off-shore." Mr Coroneos says there is little parents can do to prevent photos of their children being published on the web. "I hate to say it but to the extent that the site is hosted offshore I'm afraid at this stage there's very little that can be done," he said. "Unless there is some cooperative arrangement with these relative agencies and other jurisdictions."

Naked bar scene artwork unveiled

A section of Alistair Devine's picture of naked people in a bar An artwork by a Scottish photographer of naked revellers drinking in a bar has been unveiled. It shows volunteers aged 20 to 66 years old of all shapes and sizes in a vibrant bar scene. More than 550 people volunteered to strip off and bare all for the photo shoot, held in Glasgow's west end. Photographer Alistair Devine said: "We had people from all walks of life go down in Scottish history to create a unique and fun piece of art." Mr Devine has previously photographed a host of stars including Sting and Sophia Loren. He said: "The project was a fantastic accomplishment for all involved and I am absolutely delighted with the final shot." The project followed a similar concept to Spencer Tunick's photographs of mass groups of naked people which have been taken in landmark locations across the world. Oli Norman, managing director of DADA which commissioned the piece in conjunction with Mr Devine, said: "We were overwhelmed by the massive response - the final result is truly incredible." The photograph was taken in new west end venue bobar. Manager Craig McAdam said: " It was fantastic to be involved in something so bold and groundbreaking for Scotland and to be the location for the first ever piece of Scottish naked art."

A Brief History of Human Sex By Heather Whipps

Special to LiveScience posted: 27 July 2006 10:03 am ET Birds do it, bees do it, humans since the dawn of time have done it. But just how much has the act really changed through the millennia and even in past decades? Are humans doing it more? Are we doing it better? Sort of, say scientists. But it's how people fess up to the truth about their sex lives that has changed the most over the years. Humans have basically been the same anatomically for about 100,000 years—so what is safe to say is that if we enjoy it now, then so did our cave-dwelling ancestors and everyone else since, experts say. THE SEX QUIZ Myths, Taboos and Bizarre Facts "Just as our bodies tell us what we might like to eat, or when we should go to sleep, they lay down for us our pattern of lust," says University of Toronto psychologist Edward Shorter. "Sex has always offered pleasure." Hard wired Sexuality has a lot to do with our biological framework, agreed Joann Rodgers, director of media relations and lecturer at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. "People and indeed all animals are hard wired to seek out sex and to continue to do so," Rodgers said in a recent interview. "I imagine that is evidence that people at least like sex and even if they don't they engage in it as a biological imperative." It is nearly impossible to tell, however, whether people enjoyed sex more 50 years ago or 50,000 years ago, said David Buss, professor of psychology at the University of Texas and author of "The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating" (Basic Books, 2003). There is "no reason to think that we do more now than in the past, although we are certainly more frank about it," Buss told LiveScience. Indeed, cultural restraints—rather than anything anatomical—have had the biggest effect on our sexual history, Shorter says. "To be sure, what people actually experience is always a mixture of biological and social conditioning: Desire surges from the body, the mind interprets what society will accept and what not, and the rest of the signals are edited out by culture," he writes in his book, "Written in the Flesh: A History of Desire" (University of Toronto Press, 2005). More to Explore The Rules of Attraction in the Game of Love Sex Still Satisfying For Men In Their 50s Why Men Report More Sex Partners than Women Men Pay the Ultimate Price to Attract Women Sex in High School Involves Long Chain of Relations The Downside to Virginity Pledges FDA Approves Implantable Contraceptive for Women Guys, Put a Cork In It: Tomorrow's Contraceptives That's not to say that cultural norms keep people from exploring the taboo, but only what is admitted to openly, according to archaeologist Timothy Taylor of Great Britain's University of Bradford. "The idea that there is a sexual line that must not be crossed but in practice often is, is far older than the story of Eve's temptation by the serpent," he writes in "The History of Sex: Four Million Years of Human Sexual Culture" (Bantam Books, 1996). Modern advances Religion especially has held powerful sway over the mind's attitude towards the body's carnal desires, most sexual psychologists agree. Men and women who lived during the pious Middle Ages were certainly affected by the fear of sin, Shorter said, though he notes there were other inhibiting factors to consider, too. "The low priority attached to sexual pleasure by people who lived in distant times is inexplicable unless one considers the hindrances that existed in those days," Shorter writes. He points especially to the 1,000 years of misery and disease—often accompanied by some very un-sexy smells and itching—that led up to the Industrial Revolution. "After the mid-nineteenth century, these hindrances start to be removed, and the great surge towards pleasure begins." Many historians and psychologists see the late 1800s as a kind of watershed period for sexuality in the Western world. With the industrial revolution pushing more and more people together—literally—in dense, culturally-mixed neighborhoods, attitudes towards sex became more liberal. The liberalization of sexuality kicked into high gear by the 1960s with the advent of the birth control pill, letting women get in on the fun and act on the basis of desire as men always had, according to Shorter. The Really Wild Kingdom Super Geckos Excel without Sex Sex Done, Female Fish Stop Paying Attention The Offbeat Science of Collecting Animal Semen Birds Gone Wild: Extra Testosterone Makes Males Irresistible The Painful Realities of Hyena Sex Well-fed Crickets Seek Sex Incessantly, Die Young The Origin of Sex: Cosmic Solution to Ancient Mystery "The 1960s vastly accelerated this unhesitant willingness to grab sex for the sheer sake of physical pleasure," he said, noting that the trend of openly seeking out sex just because it feels good, rather than for procreation alone, has continued on unabated into the new millennium. Global variations But despite the modern tendency towards sexual freedom, even today there are vast differences in attitudes across the world, experts say. "Cultures vary tremendously in how early they start having sex, how open they are about it, and how many sexual partners they have," said Buss, noting that Swedes generally have many partners in their lifetime and the Chinese typically have few. An informal 2005 global sex survey sponsored by the condom company Durex confirmed Buss' views. Just 3 percent of Americans polled called their sex lives "monotonous," compared to a sizable 26 percent of Indian respondents. While 53 percent of Norwegians wanted more sex than they were having (a respectable 98 times per year, on average), 81 percent of the Portuguese were quite happy with their national quota of 108 times per year. Though poll numbers and surveys offer an interesting window into the sex lives of strangers, they're still constrained by the unwillingness of people to open up about a part of their lives that's usually kept behind closed doors. And what if we weren't bound by such social limitations? Taylor offers the promiscuous—and very laid-back—bonobo chimpanzee as a utopian example. "Bonobos have sex most of the time ... a fairly quick, perfunctory, and relaxed activity that functions as a social cement," he writes. "But for cultural constraints, we would all behave more like bonobos. In physical terms, there is actually nothing that bonobos do that some humans do not sometimes do."



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